Security Support Tool(APT front-end)

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`apt-support' renamed `security-keeper'. apt-support is a security support tool on Debian GNU/Linux. Two or more security holes were in all the versions of apt-support. Since these are corrected by security-keeper, please do not use apt-support.



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Borogove - Facebook chat sniffer

DescriptionBorogove is a python script for sniff Facebook chat traffic over the network. It uses the pypcap module and supports Man-In-The-Middle ARP poisoning attacks. Latest version Requirements Python 2.x arpspoof (dsniff suite) dpkt pypcap InstallationUbuntusudo apt-get install python-dpkt python-pypcap dsniffArchLinuxpacman -Sy dsniffinstall AUR packages: dpkt-svn pypcap-svn

My-feedback - Support Request Tool like Google Feedback

IntroductionHave you ever noticed Google+ has an amazing feature called Google Feedback. You click on feedback highlight an area of the site page and getting screenshot with your marking on it sent to the Google support team. If you wonder of having this tool on your own, just take my code and adapt for your requirements. How to installFirst of all you have to install server side components for making screenshots ( XServer and CutyCapt). The first set of steps is to get the requirements for Cuty

Freegemas - Freegemas is an open source version of the well known Bejeweled for GNU/Linux (and Windo

Freegemas is an open source version of the well known Bejeweled, for GNU/Linux and Windows. It's written in C++ and it uses Gosu as the graphic API. NEWSFreegemas is now part of Guadalinex, a Ubuntu-based operating system promoted by the government of Andalusia (Spain) used in schools, and other public spaces. If you happen to use Guadalinex, you can install Freegemas using sudo apt-get install freegemasAmazing! Special thanks go to �lvaro Pinel and Alfonso De Cala for their quick response and

Dupliback - backup software for Linux

Originally based on 'flyback', dupliback, is a full featured backup application built on top of the duplicity command line backup tool. The projects goals are to support the following features. Support password encrypted backup Support backing up on remote servers via ssh Support backing up on Amazon Cloud S3 service Support backing up on local and removable disks Keep a nice & clean user interface, which was originally based on Apple's 'Time Machine' Fix many of the outstanding bugs in 'flyback

Gtkfilesplitter - A simple file splitter/joiner written in Python, Glade and PyGTK

Versión en español About GtkFileSplitterGtkFileSplitter is a simple desktop application made to split files in smaller pieces, and to join file pieces to form the original files; its similar to other programs such as Hacha (Axe) or HJSplit. Thanks to volunteers, it has language support for Czech, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. It requires Python, GTK and Glade, which come with default install on several Linux distros (ie. Ubuntu), but can even

Edkgen - A Cross-Platform ED2K Link Creator

edkgenThe edkgen is a edonkey2000 link creator written in python. It can be run on the any platform which support python. UseageThe script was based on python-crypto. You can install it in debian by the follow command: apt-get install python-cryptoGet the file's ed2k link by the command: python filenameThere is a console version and a GUI verson. The GUI version is based on wxPython and using the console one as an engine.

Pagavcs - Nautilus, Thunar and mugCommander integrated Subversion GUI for Linux desktop

PagaVCSPagaVCS is a Nautilus, Thunar and mugCommander integrated free TortoiseSVN clone, Subversion GUI client for Linux desktop. Like Tortoise it can be used directly from the filemanager (Nautilus, Thunar, mugCommander) via context menu. News1.6.0Thunar support separators context menu add some separators exception handle better the "no such revision" type exceptions merge display warning dialog if nothing has been merged merge select the commit's url if coming from the commit by "merge too" fu

Turkpipe - TurkPipe provides a quick way to batch Amazon Mechanical Turk jobs at the command line

Turkpipe allows you to submit batches of jobs to Mechanical Turk using the command line. Dependencies boto 1.8d python-beautifulsoup python-gdbm Outstanding IssuesSupport for boto 1.9b Installing turkpipe (instructions for Debian, should work on other *nixes) Download & extract boto. 2. cd boto && sudo python install 3. sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup python-gdbm 4. Add the following to ~/.boto: [Credentials] aws_access_key_id="YourAccessKeyID" aws_secret_access_key="YourSecre

Pymissile - Control your Marks and Spencer USB Missile Launcher on LinuxControl your Marks and Spenc

Control your Marks and Spencer USB Missile Launcher on Linux (and maybe other platforms that support python and libusb). Tested onUbuntu-5.04 (please report other success stories) Requirementspython (>=2.3) libusb (>=0.1.8) pyusb (==0.3.1) python module with patch included below urwid python module Installensure python is installed and right version install libusb-0.1.18 or better (available here) or use package appropriate for your distro, e.g. on ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install libusb-devinstal

Gedittextilepreview - A simple Textile preview for Gedit

NOTEThis project has Moved to GitHub! This is a plugin for gedit that provides live previews of Textile code. It's based off of Gedit's MarkDown support, and will soon include Markdown support (as well as Textile highlighting) Current New FeaturesOpens bottom pane & focuses on the right tab Live Preview Planned FeaturesOption to turn on & off the live preview Unifying textile, markdown, ?, into one plugin and one nice pane. Textile syntax highlighting? Current InstallYou'll need Subversion. If y