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A lightweight framework to capture, analyze, and publicize health, performance, and monitoring statistics for Java applications. Easily adaptable to other application monitoring packages.



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PfP Extensible Template System (PfP xTS)

The Partnership for Peace Extensible Template System (PfP xTS) is no longer in active development. Please use phpWebSite instead:

Clel - Common Language Engineering Library (CLEL)

The Common Language Engineering Library (CLEL) is a project intended to give the user the ability to create, modify and save executables written in the Common Language Runtime (CLR) format. These files contain metadata, symbolic information, runtime information, and immediate language instructions. Right now I'm working on parsing existing CLR executables. Shawn Windle ( ||

App-stat - AppStat collects and displays application usage data for a particular user in real time.

AppStat is an improved version of Swaroop's Big Brother ( Some of the implemented/planned features/improvements are. ptimises the loss of time due to secondary processing (UI,I/O), giving more accurate results. dentifies the parent process of the current window in focus, thus correcting confusing output (for example, Big Brother would classify the Save As dialog of two different programs under one heading, thus not only providing useless data, but actu

Speedtracer-aspnet - SpeedTracer server-side trace support for ASP.NET

IntroductionSpeedTracer is a Google Chrome extension for tracing client and server side timings. SpringSource TCServer and Google App Engine AppStats for Java applications comes with integrated support for SpeedTracer so you can see how your server-side timings delay your request. This project enables the same kind of server side trace support for ASP.NET projects. DetailsCurrently, this is an initial spike, but you can reuse it in your projects. Don't use this version in production, as it will

Jappstart - Java framework for Google App Engine

jappstart is a Java framework for Google App Engine built on Spring, Spring Security, and Sitemesh. The project aims to be the starting point for Google App Engine Java applications. It's not a framework in the traditional sense -- rather it is designed to provide a solid foundation for GAE/Java applications that can be easily extended by developers. Please see the Getting Started Guide. Also, visit GitHub. Current features include: Appstats Support Google AJAX Library API (jQuery) Gravatar Inte

Logicart - This is a project for an appstate research cluster to work on finding a solution to a com

This is a project for an appstate research cluster to work on finding a solution to a common graph problem.

Pygalaxy - Pygame utilities for easy 2D game creation

PyGalaxy is an open source library of useful functions that make creating 2D games in pygame easier. A sampling of features: graphics primitives load transparent and animated GIFs correctly framerate utilities sprite engine with many features dynamic music mixing (music heats up with more enemies) microphone input and pitch detection simple physics engine AI functions such as pathfinding and state machines interface with Wii Remote, use all the features of the WiiMote in your game Some of the pi

Aha-gae - aha is a python framework for google app engine

'Aha' is a python framework specialized for google app engine. The name comes from aha-experience. It provides the best way of populating your inspiration to the clouds :-). Or you can get source code from the repository. What is ahaAha is a web application framework. It has been developed hoping it will be the best way to propagate your 'aha!' into the cloud :-). Aha has following features. rails like routing class based controller mako

Remote-datastore - Connect a Google App Engine app to a datastore in a remote app

Note: this code is now deprecated in favour of the official Java Remote API Intercepts all RPC calls to the local datastore and sends them over http to a remote app which executes the operation and returns the results. Because this intercepter operates at the binary RPC level, the local datastore should notice no difference in behaviour and the http payloads are quite compact. InstallationYou need to add two extra jars to your projec

Guit - A next generation gwt framework

This framework is all about: Beautiful code Simplicity Convention over configuration Testability ImportantWe are doing a migration to a maven structure on trunk. I won't add any new feature since its done. If you want to use the last unstable but working version of guit use this tag: guit-no-maven. Release notesNEXT: early designs and ideasAdd events support to presenters Add mocked Style access to presenters Generate a fields access with apt. (@ViewField will still work) //Presenter named HomeH