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Appscript is a high level, user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications from Python, Ruby and Objective-C. Appscript makes these languages a serious alternative to AppleScript for automating your Mac.



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Ahconsole - Audio Hijack Pro Console script for Mac

What is ahconsole?This python script provides access to the award winning program audio hijack (MacOS) via command line. It is possible to schedule recordings, the console-mode can be used remote over ssh. UsageStart script on command line with python ahconsole.pyor copy the script wherever you want and run it with ./ahconsole.pyKeyboard Commandspress 'l' to list all sessions press 't' to list all timers of selected session if no session is selected, timers of all sections are listed press 'q' t

Webkit-macosx-updater - WebKit updater for Mac OS X

This command line python script is intended to keep your computer up-to-date with the latest Mac OS X nightly build of WebKit from I only have access to Leopard (10.5) and python 2.5 so I don't know whether pre-Leopard machines have a late-enough version of python, nor do I know what that "late-enough" version is to be able to run this script. Other than that, this script has some pretty neat features: Checks to see if you already have the latest version before downloa

Flukeformac - Play FLACs in iTunes

Fluke is a small utility for Mac OS that lets you play FLAC files right within iTunes. Features16bit/44.1KHz playback Multiple file and folder handling (the latter from command line only at the moment) Track number and count support Known issuesMac OS X 10.7 Lion Support: is incomplete at this time. To make Fluke run, go into your Applications, right-click on iTunes, head to Get Info, and check off "Open in 32-bit Mode". Only 16bit/44.1KHz files play fine. Any other resolution affects the speed

Pyslimp3 - iTunes remote control and display using SLiMP3 device

IntroductionThe SLiMP3 device is an incredible feat of engineering and design. Released in 2001, it lets you access and play your entire MP3 music collection without physically accessing your computer. A media server, written in Perl, streams music data to the SLiMP3 device, where it is converted into analog and made available on a stereo connection. A remote control that comes with the unit is all that you use to select what to play and to control playback. If not one of the first network media

Finder-buttons - Parent folder and Delete buttons for Mac OS X Finder

These applications are meant to be used as buttons in the OS X Finder. I was unsatisfied with the applescript solution as it was too slow to be useful. I wrote these applications using Objective C and Appscript, so they are really fast now. List of current applications: Go to parent folder - Adds a button to go to the parent folder in the Finder Delete permanently - Adds a button to delete selected item(s) permanently (instead of moving to Trash) Salient features: No dock icon Very fast To insta

Finance-suite - this project is aimed to help financial and non financial manager is budgeting tooli

this project is aimed to help financial and non financial manager is budgeting tooling, especially proving simple and easy to deploy framework for collaborative budget

Paintwar - Paint over your enemy for great victory!

Are you a master painting warlord? Do you want your Google Spreadsheets to be less boring? Either way, the goal of this game is to paint over as much as the board as possible. Your opponent is trying to do the same. Player's alternate turns and the only rule is you must start painting on a black square.

Cdto - Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in the Terminal

Fast mini application that opens a window cd'd to the front most finder window. This app is intended to placed in the finder window's toolbar. (It has a plugin architecture to support other terminal apps iTerm2 and x11/xterm included)

Gas-unit - Simple set of javascript testing classes to ease testing of functions in google app scrip

A starting set of classes (Test and TestFixture) which can be imported using: var q = '';var s = UrlFetchApp.fetch(q).getContentText();eval(s);For an example of tests and also some tests which test gas-unit using the examples see the sample in the source

Vimpdbhook - MacVIM python pdb hook

MacVIM pdb hookUsing this package one can enable a hook in the python pdb such that the current file is automagically opened in MacVim and the line is highlighted. FeaturesActivates MacVIM, uses new tab to open debugged file reuses existing MacVIM instance after loading the file, the terminal program is activated (given focus) to allow for rodent-free debugging. The focus-switching is done using appscript which is a python package for AppleScript. DependenciesMac OS X (duh) MacVim (or another gu