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WPF tool to help you launch your programs easily.



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Lynn-appmanager - 一个基于android的程�管�工具


Mobileappmanager - Service to Mobile Interface Easily

In Short: With AppManager you can enable your existing service to be used via Mobile Phone easily. Simply define what your existing service can do, users for the Mobile app and you're good to go.

Symshell - Symbian home screen manager

The symshell project is a symbian home screen manager that aims to improve phone usability, by adding the main phone features and apps to the home screen in a side-scrolling way.

Ant-tibco - ant extension to deploy Tibco BusinessWorks projects

ant-tibco project provides an ant extension to support Tibco BusinessWorks deployment automation. This library encapsulates BuildEar and AppManage tool provided into Tibco TRA. It allows you to automate your deployment using the defacto standard tool ant

App-Manager - Release history of App-Manager

Release history of App-Manager

H.A.M. - H/ AppManager

H/ AppManager

ExpressoFoo - Foo Bundle Test for the AppManager

Foo Bundle Test for the AppManager

rizeup - in-app-containing app-management

in-app-containing app-management