Apple Wireless Keyboard

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Helper that Allows people use the Apple Wireless (or Wired possibly) Keyboard under Windows 7 without loosing the mac functionality



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Java apple computer emulator

Cross-platform Apple //e emulator

Btbatstat - Simple OSX app that shows the battery status of your Apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Supported devices: Apple Bluetooth keyboard Apple Mighty Mouse Apple Magic Mouse Apple Magic Trackpad Other device may or may not work :) Any donation would be greatly appreciated since I work on this in my own spare time. Also my 2nd kid is underway :-)

Twoapple - Apple II emulator

Twoapple: An Apple II+/IIe emulator for LinuxNews(version 0.6.50)IIe emulation is working. (version 0.5.43)Disk II emulation is working. (version 0.3.34)Speaker emulation is working. (version 0.2.31)6502, video, and keyboard emulation is working. See ReadMe for details.

Key-mon - Keyboard Status Monitor

Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon) Utility to show live keyboard and mouse status for teaching and screencasts. --theme=apple, cool new theme. --smaller parameter: --larger parameter: --scale=2.0, and --meta parameter (for 'Windows' key), and mouse turned off through menu. You can show multiple presses (here up to 2) by using --old-keys. Here I pressed 'Y', 'Y', 'P', which means something in vi. --nomouse --old-keys 2: --sticky Support for sticky keys --only_combo Show only combination keys like

Mediakeysplugin - Plugin for Fluid to integrate Apple's Multimedia keys with Javascript

ABOUTFluid, the site-specific browser host, allows you to add javascript to modify existing sites, with some specific extensions for better integration (such as Growl). However, neither Javascript nor Fluid, binds to the multimedia keys (play, forward, backward) found on Apple's full keyboard. This extension, written in Objective-C, adds this capability to Fluid written in a manner that directly binds to Javascript in a site-agnostic manner. Web sites can link against this, or userscripts can ac

Jnativehook - A library to provide global keyboard and mouse listeners for Java.

AboutJNativeHook is a library to provide global keyboard and mouse listeners for Java. The library aims to provide a portable and reliable method for delivering keyboard and mouse events to a Java application that would otherwise be inaccessible. This will beneficial for any Java application that requires user input without having focus. The library accomplishes this task by leveraging platform dependent native code to create a low level hook and deliver native events back to the virtual machine

Pybonjour - Pure-Python interface to Apple Bonjour and compatible DNS-SD libraries

Introductionpybonjour provides a pure-Python interface to Apple Bonjour and compatible DNS-SD libraries (such as Avahi). It allows Python scripts to take advantage of Zero Configuration Networking (Zeroconf) to register, discover, and resolve services on both local and wide-area networks. Since pybonjour is implemented in pure Python, scripts that use it can easily be ported to Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other systems that run Bonjour. Requirementspybonjour requires Python 2.4 or later. It al


PCKeyboardHack applies a patch to a keyboard driver. You can change CapsLock behavior, and activate dead keys on non-Apple keyboard.

Candy-apple-core - c++ apple //e emulation engine suitable for java based emulators on Android

Provides a c++ library for jni calls from java based Apple //e emulators. Based on AppleWin with code from LinApple and AppleIIGo, provides all the functionality for video, audio, diskette, joystick and keyboard. Java code using this engine need only provide the user interface. This is very suitable for Android based emulators using the NDK and is in fact used by cAndy Apple, an Apple //e emulator available on the Android market.