Applet 2 Application

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Enables conversion of an applet into a normal Java application/Windows/Linux executable.For this application, the target user is an applet developer. Once he has completed the applet development, he can use this application to create an executable file.



Related Projects

Rox-volume - A ROX Volume control applet and Mixer

Volume is a Panel Applet that puts a popup volume control in your panel. It is also a Mixer Application. It supports ALSA natively as of version 008. (for OSS and Alsa-OSS compatibility please use Volume-007 or older.) Requires Python 2.3 and the python alsaaudio module which you can get here. Releases009 (2006-08-06) Theme updates. 008 (2006-01-16) Converted from OSS to ALSA interface. Requires PyAlsaAudio module. 007 (2005-10-12) Options now editable from the AppMenu. New Icon 006 (2004-05-22)

Javauploader - Java Upload Applet

JavaUploader is an upload applet which can be used by web developers who need fast and highly configurable upload tool. With JavaUploader users can easily select files and upload them very fast by compressing them (if configured). Who uses Screenshots Screenshots News : 28.09.2011 : Finally v2 is coming ! created homepage for v2 and a light version of javauploader which only supports drag and drop is coming soon. 25.01.2011 : Nimbus Look And Feel activated thnx to helleberg

JChat - Java 2 client/server chat module

JChat is a kind of IRC-like chat service entirely developed in Java 2. The project aims the creation of a chat Server which supports channels and various types of chat clients (applets, standalone apps).

Weather AEpplets

Set of small applications that show the current weather for a city of choice. Currently available as Enlightenment Epplet and GNOME Applet. There are plans for a WM Dock app and an XLIB/Imlib2 implementation. Small and useful, like al things should be ;)

Miditoflash - enables Flash to interact with the midi devices on your computer

This project is frozen! You can still use the code but you are encouraged to switch to the new version. It has more features, is well documented and supported, and above all it can be added to your project with just one line of code: midiBridge.init(function(midiEvent) { yourCoolFunction(midiEvent); }); Check my blog for a quick start guide, documentation and code examples: Information about the old version This project provides a bi-directional midibridge th

Xfiledialog - A native Windows filedialog for Java/Swing applications XFileDialog is a Java wrapper class built upon Windows CFileDialog/IFileDialog and JNI. With xfiledialog, a Java Swing app can easily access several frequently-used functions of Windows native Filedialog (multi-selection, thumbnail view-mode, folder-selection). On other platforms (MAC, LINUX) or DLL loading failure, XFileDialog will switch back to JFileChooser automatically. Stable: 0.63 The native C code was co

Sf-library - Small game framework for rapid development of 2D Java games

The StudioFortress libraryThis library is designed to aid in the rapid development of 2D games. It's a framework with utility libraries that aims to perform the majority of common tasks in games. It uses the Java OpenGL libraries for rendering and gives you a structure to build games and navigate around this game structure when running. ExamplesThis library was built specifically to help with building small applet games. Some of these include... ColdWar Chaos Planetoids TetriSweeper SpaceSnake T

Vmdialer - A tool to simplify use of the Virgin Mobile/Verizon USB760 usb dongle in linux

VMDialerVMDialer is used to do the following things with the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go/Verizon Wireless Novatel USB760 under Linux: Automate the switch from mass storage mode to modem mode. Automate the driver load and loading of the dialer. VMDialer is an applet written in python 2.6 and PyGTK with glade. News:Tested in linux mint 9 todayWell, I needed to use my own app again in Linux Mint 9 KDE as their network manager doesn't seem to work with the usb760. Luckily the app still works in pytho

Jtracert - Automatically generate sequence UML diagrams directly from your java code runtime. Unders

Discontinue informationjTracert is now discontinued and no longer supported! Please use jSonde instead. It's a new tool similar to jTracert but much more powerfull, and it's absolutely free! Find more details at jSonde site: IntroductionjTracert will allow you to generate sequence diagrams directly from your application runtime! This gives you a lot of advantages: Understand the code created by your colleagues/partners in a short time Rapidly generate documentation for you

Xfce2rox - various xfce applets modified for the ROX Desktop

xfce2rox is a small library that imitates XfcePanelPlugin. This way, most xfce applets can also be run as rox applets. Currently ported xfce applets ( slightly modified, no xfce dependencies ): clipman ( Zero Install: ) cpugraph ( ) datetime ( ) iconbox (