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AppLaunch is a MacOS X tool written in Objective-C/Cocoa to launch common Unix and MacOS commands using a quot;graphical command linequot;. You can say that it is the MacOS X version of Windows', KDEs, ... quot;Runquot;/quot;Launchquot; dialog.



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Shr-launcher - launcher for shr on openmoko phones

launcher is a home app/launcher for openmoko phones

Applauncher - A simple Windows Application Launcher using C# and .NET

A simple Application Launcher. Project for learning C# .NET and also project management


A calendar dockapp with monthly view and interface to iCal based calendars like Evolution or Mozilla calendar. Features: gregorian, persian and islamic calendar, moonphase, variable start of week, popup detail info about day events and app.launcher

Team-fortress-2-uncut-launcher - Team Fortress 2 - Uncut-Launcher

Team Fortress 2 - Uncut-Launcher is a small launcher-app that allows players that own the cut version of the game (mostly germans) to play the (reeel) uncut-version. Since there exists an uncut-skin (tf_german) that only works on a few public servers (those which allow these uncut files - sv_pure 0 or 1 with whitelist enabled), milka2008 discovered a trick. If you delete the "Clientregistry.blob" before starting TF2 and set the download-region to "uk london", Team Fortress 2 will start bloody as

Mobilestudio - A Studio of Applications for the iPhone

MobileStudioThe Official SDK version of MobileStudio is available on iTunes from Pixio. MobileStudio is a collection of file manipulation programs for the iPhone. The collection will eventually include all of the programs needed to make the iPhone a usable computing platform on it's own. Please note that the package download here with all MobileStudio programs is only updated when all member programs release a stable binary. This means that individual programs in the MobileStudio may be more upd


AppLauncher is an extension of Firefox. This extension enable you to launch an external application through the context menu of Firefox.

AppLaunch - Simple App Launcher

Simple App Launcher


Simple App launcher for windows. C# .NET

app_launcher - Launches upstart commands via web app

Launches upstart commands via web app