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Essential Code

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Stoken-utils - Various Utilities that can be used in any Java project

This project has a various re-usable methods for managing build numbers to simple (very simple) logging. I expect that additional functionality will be included over time. AppInfo UsageSimply: checkout the project using Netbeans or some other JAVA IDE. open your current (or existing) project in the same IDE session read/skim the javadocs add the -pre-jar target as described in the AppInfo javadoc add the following import statements to your project: import net.stoken.utils.AppInfo; import net.sto

Webos-eclipse-plugin - A webOS plugin for eclipse

webOS Eclipse Plug-inInfoThe webOS Eclipse Plug-in is design to speed the development of webOS applications. For a tutorial on installing the Plug-in you can visit Palm preSchool. Update Site Just create a new "remote site" in the Eclipse update manager, using the above location, to install the webOS Eclipse plug-in. Learn MoreVisit Palm preSchool to learn more about webOS applications, find tutorials and keep up with

Django-restful-model-views - A Django contribution to help create RESTful Web applications.

UpdateAs I explained in this blog post, I am suspending work on this project to support the work of Andreas Stuhlmueller who is going to be implementing a more comprehensive RESTful API for Django as part of the Google Summer of Code. As his work looks like the most promising implementation, and many of his ideas are compatible with mine, I would prefer to spend my time supporting him by providing feedback, testing releases, possibly contributing documentation, etc. rather than developing partia

Lutador - Summer of Code 2007 - Ubuntu Firewall Configuration

Pagecache-tools - Tools for the linux page cache

Major kernel components of this project includes: /proc/filecache interface for querying the pagecache prioritized I/O for readahead/read requests Major user space components of this project includes: filecache a tool for /proc/filecache (to show up in the upcoming linux kernel) bootcache create/preload/defrag a set of files for some task(i.e. boot) readahead-fs readahead a set of files in parallel When completed, the potential users can be: desktop users, general purpose cache preloading system


Accelerometer-based Gestures for Openmoko's Neo FreeRunner and Nintendo's Wii RemoteVideosOpenmoko Neo Freerunner does motion gestures, and screen orientation Accelerometer-based gesture recognition for the Nintento Wii Remote Installation Instructions for Neo FreerunnerPlease head over to Accelerometer-based Gestures, on Openmoko Wiki Thanks!This project was accepted by Openmoko Inc. in the Google Summer of Co

Unitex - Implementing better Unicode support in the TeX engines

Implementing better Unicode support in the newest TeX engines (XeTeX, LuaTeX). I just started the project as a part of Summer of Code (, and it consists mostly of small code snippets for the moment; download zip files from the Download tab, and follow instructions from the README. Arthur, June 6th, 2008

appinfo-mirror - Mirror for AppInfo on CodePlex

Mirror for AppInfo on CodePlex