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The AppHere framework allows movement of applications amp; their state between computers. Uses server talking to C# client, which moves IE browsers inc. forms between PCs. SOAP interface lets any other device initiate transfer e.g. wireless PDA.



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Haxe-archetype - haxe archetype

The "archetype" library is intended to help jumpstart new haxe projects by creating a basic directory structure and configuration bits. It is loosely based on the maven2 idea of archetypes. Check out and the Haxe Archetype blog for slightly more detail. Got an idea for an archetype? Drop me a line or enter an issue. Constructive and fawning feedback welcome. quickstart% wget sudo haxelib test archetype% haxelib run archetype crea

Mymetrocoffee - Sumarry.

OverviewThis project was started when Daniel Villa took the Database Design course at UW Tacoma. Going off of Professor Ankur's idea, he and his team mate Kirk L. began to build the MyMetro project. The project consists of two basic sides. The Metro Web AppWhile much work is done and the basic framework is set up for merchants using this service there is still much to complete and optimize. A big part of the system is going to change as I plan to make transitions from NetBeans to TextMate, store