Application Foundation

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Foundation is a suite of specifications, utilities, and software components whose purpose is to ease the development, debugging, and maintenance of software with advanced features such as scripting, data structure sharing between disparate programming lan



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Instant-webapp - Vaadin based, simple webapp framework

IntroductionInstant Web App (IWA) allows you to quickly create web applications that run in both Google App Engine (GAE) and in an traditional servlet container (like Apache Tomcat) in a very simple way. It provides the following functionality: Module Concept with Views/Presenters and Navigation Menu Authentication (Login, including "lost password" emailing) Authorization (Users, Roles and Rights) "Stand Alone Full Screen" Views Internationalization (Multi Language via UI or URL, just append for

Vaadin-appfoundation - Implementation of frequently used tools in Vaadin applications

IntroductionThis project's goal is to provide a simple and lightweight foundation for Vaadin application. The project consist of individual modules which are designed to be used separately or in combination with other modules. Minimization of dependencies to other modules and third party libraries have been one of the primary goals with the module designs. ModulesThe first release of the application foundation contains four modules PersistenceMost applications, even though how simple, often need