Append Customisation Service

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A lightweight windows service for applying customisations to enterprise webapps: monitors a file and makes sure your code is always appended to the end of the file. Disable the service, and your customisations go away. c# .net 4. Useful for customising branding/design, jav...



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hadoop-20 - Facebook's Realtime Distributed FS based on Apache Hadoop 0.20-append

Facebook's Realtime Distributed FS based on Apache Hadoop 0.20-append

lucene-log4j - Log4j file rolling appender which indexes log with Lucene

lucene-log4j solves a recurrent problem that production support team face whenever a live incident happens: filtering production log statements to match a session/transaction/user ID. It works by extending Log4j's RollingFileAppender with Lucene indexing routines. Then with a LuceneLogSearchServlet, you get access to your log using web front end.


A tiny & fast key value store with append-only disk log. Ideal for apps with < 1 million records.


Klogshow used to display the last few lines of a text files on your desktop. It append new lines to the display as new lines are added.

Log PreProcessor

Logpp is a tool for preprocessing event logs and feeding relevant data to other programs for storing or in-depth analysis. Logpp reads lines appended to input files, matches the lines with patterns, and writes the results to given destinations.

Swappender - simple swing log4j appender

simple log4j appender for swing applications, Firefox Error Console style.

Datasource-log4j - Log4j appender and layout to registry logs using a DataSource

Log4j appender to registry logs using a DataSource Sample of appender ( log4j.rootCategory=ERROR, DATASOURCE log4j.appender.DATASOURCE.datasource=java:jdbc/datasource log4j.appender.DATASOURCE.sql=INSERT INTO TABLE_LOG (DE_NIVEL, DE_LOG, DE_EXCEPCION, FE_LOG) VALUES ('%p', '%m', '%e', TO_DATE('%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')) log4j.appender.DATASOURCE.bufferSize=1 log4j.appender.DATABASE.layout

Scribe-log4j - A Log4j appender that sends log messages to Scribe server.

IntroductionProject provides easy solution to send Log4j messages to scribe server. Project is fork of This project contains 3 maven projects: scribe-client - wrapper of autogenerated java client for scribe. scribe-log4j - appender for log4j. scribe-example - example of use. Log4j configuration: \tlog4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, scribe\tlog4j.appender.scribe=name.caiiiycuk.scribe.ScribeAppender\tlog4j.appender.scribe.hostname=my

Log4jira - Apache Log4J Jira Appender

A simple Log4j appender to automatically create or comment a JIRA issue whenever an ERROR or higher message is logged.