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Spiral Architecture Driven Development (SADD)

SADD makes it easier for Software Development Teams to create high qualitative solutions and products for the sake of well designed System and Software Architecture. You'll no longer have to know all of world wide SW development methodologies so as they are incorporated in ...

aosa-mobi - MOBI format of the "The Architecture of Open Source Application" book

MOBI format of the "The Architecture of Open Source Application" book

tinyos-graphics - this is a new architec about tinyos-web

this is a new architec about tinyos-web

.NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem-Design-Solution

The purpose of this project is to hold the source code for my latest book, .NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem-Design-Solution. The book is one large case study of a real-world application, named SmartCA, which is a smart client application implemented with the latest ...

BI Architecture and Design Guide

This release is an outcome of an exploratory project done by the P&P group (Microsoft) to understand the BI Landscape, Challenges and Common Solutions. The Architecture and Design Guidelines for BI Applications provides prescriptive guidance on how to overcome architectural ...

rfc1855-book - Print edition of rfc1855 (Netiquette Guidelines, 1995)

Print edition of rfc1855 (Netiquette Guidelines, 1995)

OpenBerg e-Book architecture

The objective of the OpenBerg Project is to develop Open-Source, Open-Standards-based, Multi-Platform tools for eBook authors, editors and users. We are currently working on OpenBerg Lector, an e-Book reader, and OpenBerg Rector, an e-Book compiler.

patterns & practices Improving Web Services Security Guide

Guidance for building secure Web services. Includes design and implementation guidance for WCF security scenarios. Prescriptive guidance includes guidelines, checklists, key security practices, end-to-end application scenarios, and step-by-step How Tos.


Adds (style)guidelines to a Rails application.


dotCommand project explores various .NET implementations of Command design pattern, by providing and measuring those implementations.

dotNet-Application-BookLibrary - Arus Book Library - application for organize personal book library

Arus Book Library - application for organize personal book library


To give users the full control over the running application. This means that an application is working according to its purpose but the control over the whole interface is taken from developer and given to users. While an application is running, users can move, resize, and tune all the screen objects through which the communication with an application is going. Set of files includes the book (both in DOC and PDF formats), a big demonstration project with all its files available (all the so

guidelines - Sophilabs' Guidelines

These are the guidelines that lead us to create beautiful software. Please contribute to it following this contribution guidelines.The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

Pipeline Architecture

The Pipeline Architecture project (PARC) is a high performance java based batch processing framework. It utilizes the Pipe-Filter pattern from the POSA book to provide a flexible, extensible mechanism for data conversion between systems.

100Projects - 100 Projects to be completed, for me its in Python

**Mp3 Tagger** – Modify and add ID3v1 tags to MP3 files. See if you can also add in the album art into the MP3 file’s header as well as other ID3v2 tags.**Log File Maker** – Make an application which logs various statistics in response to given events. This can be something that logs what an application does, what the system is doing, when something like a file changes etc.**Excel Spreadsheet Exporter** – Create an online application which can read in a file and create an Excel Spreadshe


Writting your own wedding vows is not an easy work. It is like writing poetry or public speaking, and you have the deepest conversation of your life. Putting your promises on paper is an emotional ,eye-openning and memorable experience. Here is how you can use these guidelines to write down your vows. Start Early Don't leave writing your vows until the day before the wedding! You'll be too nervous, excited and rattled to give them the time and thought they deserve. Give yourselves at least a mon

GO Contact Sync Mod

Sync Outlook contacts and notes with Google

BookSearchApplication - A search book application with google's Book API.

A search book application with google's Book API.