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JavaScript implementation of HotDraw. HotDraw was invented by Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck at Tektronix in the 1980’s (and implemented in Smalltalk). Ralph Johnson has used HotDraw as a case study while arguing for Documenting Frameworks using Patterns (OOPSLA92): design patterns and pattern languages provide much of the documentation needed by someone wanting to use a framework to implement an application. Johnson and Kent Beck went further to claim that Patterns Generate Architectures (ECOOP9

Architecture Lab: Data Patterns & Practices

Contains different types of code samples to explore different types of technical solutions/patterns from an architect's point of view.

spine - Lightweight MVC library for building JavaScript applications

Spine is a lightweight MVC library for building JavaScript web applications. Spine gives you structure and then gets out of your way, allowing you to concentrate on the fun stuff: building awesome web applications. Spine is opinionated in its approach to web application architecture and design. Spine's architecture complements patterns such as de-coupled components and CommonJS modules, markedly helping with code quality and maintainability.

Architecture - Example Ruby Design Patterns

Example Ruby Design Patterns

WPF Architectural Patterns Examples

Some sample code demonstrating how various GUI architectural patterns can be implementing in WPF.

Layered Architecture Sample for .NET

Layered Architecture Sample is designed to demonstrate how to apply various .NET Technologies such as WPF, WCF, WF, Windows Form, ASP.NET and ADO.NET EF to the Layered Architecture Design Pattern.

JDP: Java Design Pattern API

The Java Design Pattern API provides a lightweight architecture for representing design patterns as Marker Interfaces within Java applications. This allows for richer JavaDoc documentation and opens up the possibility of pattern-aware development tools.

BI Architecture and Design Guide

This release is an outcome of an exploratory project done by the P&P group (Microsoft) to understand the BI Landscape, Challenges and Common Solutions. The Architecture and Design Guidelines for BI Applications provides prescriptive guidance on how to overcome architectural ...

Application Scenarios

The Application Scenarios KB is a catalog of application patterns. Application patterns are end-to-end scenarios and solutions. They are incrementally rendered skeletons that show you solutions for recurring application architecture and design problems.

Architecture Layer Patterns For Visual Studio

Architecture layers patterns toolbox items for layers diagrams.

cards - Componentized UI Architecture Using Knockout.js + Flux Patterns with TypeScript.

Componentized UI Architecture Using Knockout.js + Flux Patterns with TypeScript.

posa - Assignments: Patterns Of Software Architecture Course

Assignments: Patterns Of Software Architecture Course

poma - Patterns of Modular Architecture

Patterns of Modular Architecture


An attempt to build a JavaScript structure based on article "Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture" - described on


dotCommand project explores various .NET implementations of Command design pattern, by providing and measuring those implementations.


basic application utilizing the scalable javascript architecture design described by Nicholas Zakas at yahoo

microservice-design - A software engineering reading list for micro service architecture and design

A software engineering reading list for micro service architecture and design


Systems design From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Systems design is the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements. Systems design could see it as the application of systems theory to product development. There is some overlap with the disciplines of systems analysis, systems architecture and systems engineering.[1][2]

design - design demo's for compass, sass, less-framework, and "responsive architecture"

design demo's for compass, sass, less-framework, and "responsive architecture"