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A straight port of Apophysis to C#.




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After-actions - An EVE Online kill and campaign tracking system.

After ActionsA killboard for Clown Punchers Syndicate (http://clownpunchers.net). Uses PostgreSQL Created with Pylons (a Python web framework, reddit uses it) MotivationI really dislike PHP. I enjoy the features of the EDK killboard and I hope to have this board emulate all of that functionality and more and I admire the work that has been done on EDK and will be using their source as a guide for implementing some of the features of Afteractions, especially the new Apoc fitting window. As the ma

Spectresharp - Spectre library containing various utilities for rapid application development

Spectre is a library for rapid application development intended mainly for personal use by its author. Containing various often-used classes, it can provide a solid base for applications of various natures. This project owes a lot to Apoc. I've decided to almost one-on-one include various of his snippets in the source code for the simple reason that I could not possibly have done them better. Thanks!

Hw-apoc-mod - Hedgewars Apocalypse Mod

Hedgewars Apocalypse Mod is a fork of Hedgewars (http://hedgewars.org) inspirated by Scorched 3D's Apocalypse mod featuring much more weaphons, all overpowered, new apocalyptic themes, more insane match modes.Currently in alpha state.Roadmap

WhiteMagic - Apoc's detour manager

Apoc's detour manager

APOC - A one stop repository to test Git features

A one stop repository to test Git features

apoc - Making Cypher queries dynamic and powerful

Making Cypher queries dynamic and powerful

Apoc - Post apocalyptic city and tribe management game

Post apocalyptic city and tribe management game

dc18a_POC - dc18a proof of concepts

dc18a proof of concepts

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