Apocalypse Game Engine

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Apocalypse Game Engine (AGE) is a PHP based framework designed to be moddable. It is geared toward turn-based strategy games, and will allow admins to customize settings. Uses MySQL as the database, although we will port to allow virtually every type DB




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This is the 'Google Code' page for the work-in-progress MUD titled the 'Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Apocalypse MUD'. The MUD runs on a CoffeeMUD Java MUDlib. The owner and sole coder is Timothy McDowell. Host/port: Status: On and off as I work on it. Contact: tmcdowell@gmail.com

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Play N Hunt

Scanner for the website eternal-apocalypse.fr

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WelcomeWelcome to the staging ground of Apocalypse101. This is a coordinated effort to create a browser based game by three college students at Rochester Institute of Technology. The point of the project is to coordinate, design, and build a product which can be offered back to the masses. About UsWe are three freshmen at RIT; two of us are in CS and the last is in SE. Soon after we came to RIT we realized that some of the classes will not be as difficult as we wanted. Instead of simply coasting