Andy's PHP Knowledgebase

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Andy's PHP Knowledgebase using MySQL is a database driven Web Application for storing, searching and updating article content for a knowledgebase. Andy's PHP Knowledgebase is easily customized and has potential for a variety of creative uses.



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Pomby-knowlegebase - Pomby PHP Based Knowledgebase

a Knowledgebase program written in PHP. providing an easy to use and easy to setup knowledgebase system. Based on aphpkb Version 0.10This is the complete conversion of aphpkb to using smarty templates, PDO for the database and a class based structure. This release removes any possibility of SQL injection into Pomby and is 99% compatible with an aphpkb database. If you wish update your aphpkb database to work with pomby simply run the following code on your site: "ALTER TABLE articles ADD FULLTEX