Another Photo Gallery

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APG is a Java 1.3 application that generates HTML photo-galleries. It allows the grouping of images into 'entries' that can optionally have descriptions for any of the images within. It's designed as a simple solution to web based gallery creation.



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Csc485a-pg4 - Backgammon

This is the repository for Team PG4 for CSC485A: Object-Oriented Design at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The project is a simple backgammon game. Team Members:Blake Bengtson John Bauman

Webdav-manager - WebDAV Manager - just a simple script that handles webdav folders -

WebDAV ManagerCopyright 2006 Erik Vetters / Bugs,Comments and others to License GPL v2 Description:Simple, very simple WebDav Manager for simple folder structures like ?? It uses base64 encoded images, so I have to maintain only 1 single file. And it only works in Firefox. Hints:I do not think this is a very secure script ... please submit patches to I use it only internal, so no special security is needed Though it is used in a pr

Vhostgenerator - Generator for apache virtualhosts (FOR LOCAL USE ONLY)

This bash script is for my local test of php projects. It creates a folder for every company and a project folder, links it to the existing apache server path you specify, creates a hosts entry for your local server in the form "", a new mysql database, generates a mysql username and password for the db and checkouts a existing svn trunk. It is intended for a ubuntu local system and has a gui through zenity. The default company folder is 'all', so if you don't put a company and pu

Apgs-gof6-3 - Continuação do projeto apgs-gof6 e apgs-gof6-2

Continuação do projeto apgs-gof6 e apgs-gof6-2 Vamos dar continuidade aos trabalhos aqui neste projeto, pois o anterior acabou o espaço.

Apgs-gof6-2 - Continuação do projeto apgs-gof6

Continuação do projeto apgs-gof6 Vamos dar continuidade aos trabalhos aqui neste projeto, pois o anterior acabou o espaço.


apgForm is a PHP file capable of processing web forms and saving them directly into an Excel file. apgForm receives any form with any number of textboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, hidden fields, and password boxes and saves them to an Excel file.

Apgs-osmovel - Projeto Final da PUC - 3/2008

Sistema para agilizar andamentos de os para empresas como a NET(osmovel).

Sgl36 - Simple Graphics Library

SGL library for X36APG

Android-privacy-guard - OpenPGP for Android

APGManage OpenPGP keys on your phone, use them to encrypt, sign, decrypt emails and files. GoalsHopefully APG can grow into a fully featured equivalent of GPG on Android phones, allowing easy and secure management of keys and trust thereof, as well as being useful to other apps via Intents or even some other API. The main goal is to get some decent integration with the GMail client and k9mail. ContactProject site: You can find me on IRC:, #apg-dev Or em