Apertium: machine translation toolbox

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Apertium is a toolbox to build open-source shallow-transfer machine translation systems, especially suitable for related language pairs: it includes the engine, maintenance tools, and open linguistic data for several language pairs.




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Related Projects

Apertium-mediawiki - A C++ mediawiki parser for the Apertium project

This project contains a set of parsers (to be hopefully) used within the Apertium project to parse mediawiki markup to a form suited to machine translation and then back to valid mediawiki markup. If you would like to know more about the internal structure, please see Cases Work is still going on, just at a slower pace over my break from university due to a summer job (NZ summer is over Christmas).

Omniglossia - Software to learn languages

Software to learn languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, etc Mainly Grammar and Vocabulary First versions would be only in text mode. Written in Python and wxpython. All code is published under GPL All documentation and algorithms are published under GFDL See the wiki tab for more information Developper : Oualmakran Youssef, aka youssefsan <youssefsan@gmail.com>. More about Youssef on http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilisateur:Youssefsan The name omniglossia is an idea from Francis Tyers who

Xml-text-editor - JTextPane capable of syntax highlighting XML text

Subclass of JTextPane that is capable of syntax highlighting XML text. The component is written in the Java language. The build tool used is Maven 2. After I wrote the initial version of this code I made a small blog entry on my wiki. It turned out there was quite some interest in the community so I decided to publish the code here. Please feel free to download the code, use it and comment on it. Please let us know if you are using the code!! The original wiki entry can be found here: http://www

Kamila-various-stuff - Various small projects I work(ed) on

Various small projects I work on. Sorry, some of the stuff here is either long-forgotten (i.e. does not compile/work) or terribly out-of-date. I am hoping to update things some day. The following is supposed to be in a working state: gravity_sim: a simple simulation of a planetary system; uses Allegro for graphics (but could be easily ported to use something else) sierpinski: drawing the Sierpinski Triangle using the Chaos Game algorithm apertium-gci: a shell script that generates reports on Ape


This is a Windows 8 library to use Apertium easely

Google-summer-of-code-2011-apertium - A project for Google Summer of Code students working on Aperti

A project for Google Summer of Code students working on Apertium. This project contains a snapshot of each project as it was during GSoC 2011; for most projects, continued development takes place on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/apertium/


ReTraTos is a toolbox to build linguistic resources useful for machine translation (MT): bilingual dictionaries and transfer rules. The induction systems and open linguistic data can be used with the Apertium toolbox to build open-source MT systems.

Econference-mt-plugin - eConference plugin to enable realtime machine translation for incoming messa

EN - Language barriers are the most obvious manifestation of cultural distance affecting "global" teams. In an attempt to reduce it, we developed an extension to make use of Machine Translation (MT) in eConference. The plugin uses web services offered by Google Translate and Apertium to provide a real-time translation for text messages exchanged during a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many session. Dozens of different languages are supported by both services. IT - La disparità di linguaggio è la manifestazion

Aymara-marka - Portal sobre el idioma Aymara y recursos de software libre

Uno de los principales retos de la informática actual y futura es el desarrollo de sistemas eficaces de tratamiento de Lenguaje Natural, dentro de este campo los traductores automáticos vía Internet asumen un rol importante en este mundo globalizado. En Perú se tiene los idiomas oficiales la lengua quechua y aymara aparte del castellano, para la integración de las mismas es necesario contar con herramientas como traductores automáticos para interactuar con diferentes idiomas y lenguas. Med

Esperanto-korpuso - A search engine and a crawler to build up a corpus of Esperanto web pages

Tio ĉi projekto maljuni�isPor vidi la aktualajn Esperanto-korpusojn vi pli bone rigardu: http://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korpuso http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Vikipedia_korpuso_de_Esperanto Malnova tekstoPor konstrui bonajn lingvistikajn ilojn, kiel ekz. vortlistoj, vortaroj k.t.p. bezonatas korpuson; kolekto de tekstoj en la lingvo. Tiu ĉi projekto enhavas ilojn por fari korpuson en Esperanto (sed la principo kaj la kodo ver�ajne utilas ankaŭ al aliaj malgrandaj lingvoj): A) Serĉma�ino (kiu