Artisteer Project Converter

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Convert ASP.NET projects created using Artisteer into "real" Visual Studio 2010 Web Application Projects.



Related Projects

Quercus - Java implementation of PHP

Quercus is Caucho Technology's 100% Java implementation of PHP 5. Quercus comes with many PHP modules and extensions like PDF, PDO, MySQL, and JSON. Quercus allows for tight integration of Java services with PHP scripts, so using PHP with JMS or Grails is a quick and painless endeavor. With Quercus, PHP applications automatically take advantage of Java application server features just as connection pooling and clustered sessions.

Z-WAMP Server Pack

A lightweight zero-install Web server package that runs on Windows. The project aims to provide the latest production/stable versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Adminer, MongoDB, MemCached, SQLite, eAccelerator, and Alternative PHP Cache (APC) to boost server performance.

Solar - PHP 5 framework for web application development

Solar is a web application framework for PHP 5. It supports integration of enterprise development patterns, Robust and powerful model system that lets you create forms automatically from record objects, Authentication adapters for LDAP, TypeKey, database, htpasswd, and other sources, Cache adapters for memcache, APC, XCache, and other systems and lot more.

Remote Automated Reboot Manager

The Remote Automated Remote Manager (RebootARM) project was created to provide a management interface to APC Masterswitch reboot switches. Written in PERL, it includes an XML-based configuration, client usage tracking, web-portal w/client authentication

Php-twitter-client-example-apc - Dead simple twitter client

Dead simple twitter client for showing status updates of individual user integrating APC + output buffering + file based cache

Massmirror-progress-uploader - Cross-Browser AJAX PHP File Uploader With Progress Bar

This PHP script allows you to run an Ajax Progress Bar File Uploader on any website running PHP and APC cache. This allows you to get rid of your boring file upload areas on your website and replace them with an uploader that shows users their upload speed and time remaining. Licensed under the GPL v3 license so it is free to use. Enjoy. Home Page: MassMirror Uploader Project Home Page Here Requirements: PHP 5.2 or greater APC 3.0.13 or greater APC apc.rfc1867 hook enabled Javascript enabled on

Munin-php-apc - Munin plugin for monitoring PHP APC (Alternative PHP Cache)

Creates Munin graphs for PHP APC (Alternative PHP Cache), including: Percentage Hits vs Percentage Misses Cache Usage (Used, Available and Fragmented cache) Number of Files in Cache Fragmentation percentage Hits, Misses and Insert Rates Cache purge rate

APC UPS Control

Класс и программа для мониторинга и управления источниками бесперебойного питания APC по COM-порту (RS-232). Используются найденные в интернете описания протоколов, полученные путём реверс-инжиниринга. Низкоуровневые функции (так называемый, режим "PROG") не включены (пока что!).