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APBS is a software package for the numerical solution of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation, a popular continuum model for describing electrostatic interactions between molecular solutes over a wide range of length scales. lt;http://www.poissonboltzmann.org/gt;.




Related Projects

APB: Reloaded MultiPatcher

This is an alternate patching program based around the idea of using multiple mirror sites of the original APB: Reloaded patch site. It was created to fix the troublesome problems the original launcher sometimes has on the user end.

Phelper - A generator and manager for preseed files, with diferent interfaces.

phelperWhat is phelper?The name phelper comes from preseed helper. You can find more about what a preseed is in the following links: http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/apb.html http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Preseed What can phelper do?Note: At now phelper is under development, and I only have some sh scripts and functions, that make the work (as you can see). I have open this google-code hosted site, for a complete rewrite, probably using perl or python. phelper is a program fo

Hatch - Hatch is a tool for developing a register interface for FPGAs and ASICs.

Hatch is open source, extensible, and aimed at IC and FPGA designers. Unfortunately Hatch has grown to be a monolithic piece of code making it difficult to extend and maintain. As a result it will be re-factored at some point. No further development should be done in the main branch. Hatch uses a high level register interface description in Python to generate RTL (Verilog), XML, and various documentation formats including HTML and LaTex. This allows the documentation source code and register RTL

Dfsdgfg - dg

#include "stm32f10x.h" #include "GLCD.h" #include "I2C_EE.h" typedef enum {FAILED = 0, PASSED = !FAILED} TestStatus; / Private define ------------------------------------------------------------/ #define EEPROM_WriteAddress1 0x05 #define EEPROM_ReadAddress1 0x05 #define BufferSize1 (countof(Tx1_Buffer)-1) #define BufferSize2 (countof(Tx2_Buffer)-1) #define EEPROM_WriteAddress2 (EEPROM_WriteAddress1 + BufferSize1) #define EEPROM_ReadAddress2 (EEPROM_ReadAddress1 + BufferSize1) / Private macro ---

abp - apb


pymolapbs - an improved apbs plugin for pymol

an improved apbs plugin for pymol

APBr-Shader-RTW-Bright - Brighter version of the RTW shaders for APB Reloaded

Brighter version of the RTW shaders for APB Reloaded

pdb2pqr - Modified to include APBS/TINKER support

Modified to include APBS/TINKER support