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Apache::Dispatch - dispatcher for mod_perl handlers




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Hydra - Distributed processing framework for search solutions

Hydra is designed to give the search solution the tools necessary to modify the data that is to be indexed in an efficient and flexible way. This is done by providing a scalable and efficient pipeline which the documents will have to pass through before being indexed into the search engine. Architecturally Hydra sits in between the search engine and the source integration.

Mod Sql Alias

Apache2 module under LGPL. Mod Sql Alias will intercept specific URI requests and dispatch them to the appropriate page to be served using a MySQL alias table.

Gantry - Gantry - A Perl Web Application Framework

A Perl web application framework for Apache/mod_perl, CGI and Fast-CGI. Object oriented design allows for a pragmatic, modular approach to URL dispatching. Supports MVC and initiates rapid development, offering an organized coding scheme for web applications.

Kexamples - Krishna Examples

Examples with Adobe Flex Flex Spring Apache Struts Dispatch Action Struts with Spring Spring Framework Web MVC with Apache Tiles Rest webservices with JAXB JASIG - CAS Web Client Spring Security Client (ACEGI) J2EE Session EJB JMS for JBoss Server JMS for SonicMQ MDB Webservices Axis 1.x

Appcorepl - Web Application Core System for Perl

AppCore provides a suite of perl classes for modules and common web routines, DBI wrapper classes, CGI dispatchers, and example Apache configs for creating dynamic websites and web applications with minimal coding. DBI Wrapper (AppCore::DBI) extends Class::DBI to provide a simple yet robust meta-data system for reflection and auto-table schema updating CGI Dispatchers FastCGI dispatcher (index.fcgi) Plain CGI dispatcher (index.cgi) Example Apache Configs provide mod_rewrite rules for seamlessly

Urlrewritefilter - A Java Web Filter with functionality like Apache's mod_rewrite

UrlRewriteFilterBased on the popular and very useful mod_rewrite for apache, UrlRewriteFilter is a Java Web Filter for any J2EE compliant web application server (such as Resin, Orion or Tomcat), which allows you to rewrite URLs before they get to your code. It is a very powerful tool just like Apache's mod_rewrite. URL rewriting is very common with Apache Web Server (see mod_rewrite's rewriting guide) but has not been possible in most java web application servers. The main things it is used for

Vroom-request-dispatcher - Vroom Request Dispatcher (Write Servlets using JavaScript, Jython, Groovy

To learn the tips and techniques to use VRD efficiently, visit Project Wiki! Vroom Request Dispatcher Vroom Request Dispatcher (VRD) is a light weight api to extend normal servlet based development to a different concept. The concept is somewhat similar to Python where urls are mapped to request handlers. Using VRD, you map url patterns to java methods whether they are static or instance specific. If you use NetBeans IDE 6.5, you would like to download the NetBeans Plugin for VRD. Download it fr

Pycoon - Python WSGI web development framework based on XML pipelines

Current version: 0.2a5 (alpha for developers), 2007-04-12 Attention: The project has been suspended for a while. For further information contact us via the mailing list. Pycoon is a Python WSGI web development framework which allows XML processing pipelines to handle HTTP requests based on URI pattern matching. It is similar in intention to the Apache Cocoon framework. Pycoon uses sitemap file format compatible with Apache Cocoon Sitemap 1.0. The architecture of Pycoon focuses on: Full sitemap f

Primage - PHP library that works like a proxy for realtime images resizing and watermarking (+ cache

ChangelogRelease 1.1 Added: Primage_Proxy_Controller_CopyWithResize Added: .htaccess caching headers in public images dir of example Added: .htaccess deny from all in private images dir of example Added: send to stdout attribute in Primage_Proxy_Controller_Abstract::dispatch() Release 1.0 Added: Primage/Proxy - share images with auto resizing and watermarking Added: Example of using Primage/Proxy with cache based on Apache .htaccess Beta 0.1 Added: Primage class with image resizing, adding water

Go-fastweb - A MVC framework for the Go programming language

fastweb aims to be a simple, small and clean MVC framework for Google's Go programming language. Sample UsageYou can find a very basic example in the "example" directory and the demo page. Basically the controller is implemented as follow: package mainimport ( "fastweb" "os")type Products struct { fastweb.Controller Name string Brand string Features []string Specifications []string Image string}func (p *Products) View(id string) os.Error { if id == "ah64" { p.Name = "RC Apache AH64 4-Channel Ele