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AONS (Automated Obsolescence Notification System) notifies repository managers about formats within digital resources in their repositories and alerts them to potential problems relevant to obsolescence and long term usage.



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Phpsmpclass - PHP кла�� дл� работы � �ТС М200

PHP кла�� дл� работы � �ТС М200require('PHPSMPClass/PHPSMPClass.php');$SMP = new PHPSMPClass();Подключение к SComm $SMP->Connect('', 10001);Включение бинарного режима. $SMP->Binmode('100100', 3)Выве�ти ма��ив карточки абонента. ('phone',module,timeout) print_r($SMP->F2_GET('234567', 8, 3));Array( [234567] => Array ( [GET] => Array ( [c1] => 62 [c2] => 0 [scomm] => 3 [scconn] => 2 [module] => 8 [c6] => 25

Crm-candoit - Herramienta de CRM para Aon

Herramienta de CRM para Aon

Rcron - cron jobs redundancy and failover

rcron is a minimal tool aiming to help sysadmins in setting up cron jobs redundancy and failover over groups of machines. It just ensures that a job installed on several machines will only run on the active one at any time. Using rcronA typical setup would be: Install rcron on servers sharing a common group of jobs (the "cluster"). Edit rcron configuration file on each server. For instance : /etc/rcron/rcron.conf on server1: # An arbitrary name cluster_name = myredundant_jobs # A file containing

Cs373-amort-aon59 - Create a Google App Engine app to compute an amortization and its corresponding

An amortization is made up of five variables: present value future value payment amount rate of interest number of payments The program must be able to compute any of the first three, given the remaining four. Perform rounding so that the last payment is less than or equal to the regular payment, and make sure that the present value or future value work out to the penny.

Laimtwitter - Laim Twitter plugin

Shows your twitter status as your aim status defaults: turned off when it starts uses the 'available' status updates so, it works pretty well now... we just need a way to save the settings in between aim sessions. and to let the user input their twitter id via interface instead of hardcoding. for you n00bs, when you run this file, it should install the laim plugin. then you may have to restart laim the first time to get it to show up... lame, laim. once it's installed, the plugin should be in: C

Ehalos - eHalOS is a small operating system for embedded devices

eHalOS Operating SystemeHalOS was created 2008/09 on a ATMLE AVR32 AP7000 NGW100 embedded board (with self build-on TFT). It comes with 3 demo applications (shell, space invaders, digital picture frame show). Its architecture allowes to port eHalOS onto any other embedded system like AVR32 UC3 or ARM based embedded boards. Through its LGPL license it is also possible to use it a wide range of projects. eHalOS ArchitectureeHalOS was designed as a monolitic kernel (95% written in language C) for q

aon - aon


Seans-eile - A program to help you practice your Irish.

(English below) Forbraíodh Seans Eile chun go bhféadfá do chuid Gaeilge a chleachtadh, le béim ar na rudaí is deacra duit. Déanann sé cuntas ar líon na n-uaireanta ar fhreagair tú na ceisteanna i gceart. Nuair a thugann tú an freagra ceart ar cheist áirithe, ní chuirfear an cheist sin ort chomh minic sin ina dhiaidh sin. Má dhéanann tú botún agus tú ag freagairt ceiste, gheobhaidh tú seans eile ar an gceist sin ar ball beag. Dá bhrí sin, ní fheicfidh tú an iomarca faisnéis

chrome-aone - aone chrome extention

aone chrome extention

Bizwikimodule - Search Bizwiki UK for a business

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <custombuttons xmlns=""> <button> <title>Search Bizwiki</title> <description>Search for a UK Business on Bizwiki</description> <search>"{query}"</search> <icon mode="base64"> AAABAAIAEBAAAAAAAABoBQAAJgAAACAgAAAAAAAAqAgAAI4FAAAoAAAAEAAAACAAAAABAAgAAAAA AEABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP///wAAcOIAtINGAIGj0wDix6UAK8b3AAAnqQB2TSIA W22jAJ3l+ADGo3cAK0ueANXg6ABKodMAW8LuAJVnNwD+8NkAlXpdADq