Art of Illusion

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Art of Illusion is a full featured 3D modelling, rendering, and animation studio. It is written entirely in Java, and can run on almost any operating system.



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Tugas-kelompok-java - kelompok

tugas kelompok java TIF IV A 1. Ligar Sekar Wangi (10751000204) 2. Tri Maryani (10751000243) 3. Winda Rahadyan (10751000044)

Ncconv - Extract data from netCDF files and export to geoJSON or shapefile

Allows you to extract data from a netCDF file and save the results as either geoJSON or shapefile. Allows you to specify multiple geographical regions, time ranges, and/or spatial levels in the case of multi-level data. Two operation parameters: Dissolve - True: geometry is dissolved into a single feature, data values are averaged over the entire area. False: Each data point in the file is output as a separate geographical feature. Clip - True: feature geometries are clipped so only data points

open gaze and mouse analyzer

Ogama allows recording and analyzing eye- and mouse-tracking data from slideshow eyetracking experiments in parallel. It´s developed in C#.NET and provides attention maps, AOIS, saliency, replay, levensthein distances and many more visualization tools.

Povray - pov rayblender and python

the project is a animation in pov ray and some other like blender and purebasic also python

Beevee - BeeVee 2 : Board Viewer like ECAD Layout Reader Application

BeeVee is a viewer application for PCBA layout with many abilities; locate device, signal, probe/nail/node, and display trace, and parts coloring, scrolling, zooming, get connection information. BeeVee can read files of: Agilent ICT 3070 Series GenRAD/Teradyne ICT 228x Series Agilent AOI SJ Series GenCAD Unicam Fabmaster Pad-PowerPCB Free Format With ECAD Layout data (e.g GenCAD, PowerPCB), BeeVee can display the signal traces. This is very useful to locate short-circuit and open-circuit problem

aoi-ideas - AOI Ideas! AOI ROCKS!


pomelo-aoi - The aoi module used in lordofpomelo

The aoi module used in lordofpomelo

aoi - pomelo-aoi go语言版本

pomelo-aoi go语言版本

Instagram-REST-API - Makes calls to the Instagram Rest AOI

Makes calls to the Instagram Rest AOI

DisplayModeIcons - Temporary repo for the DisplayModeIcons plugin for AoI

Temporary repo for the DisplayModeIcons plugin for AoI