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AODL,a C# .net library for creating / editing documents in the OpenDocument Format ( ODF ). Requires no knowledge about the ODF XML schema itself. AODC, an OpenDocument Converter amp; Embed OpenOffice as .net Control



Related Projects

Aodl2 - Open Document (ODT) imlementation for .Net

AODL moved ot of June 2009, AODL is moved to The AODL2 project was accepted as a normal project at, and from now on all the services will be provided there. The reason to do this was to ensure that all related projects to the spread of Open Document are in the same place. Google code site will be left for reference purposes only for some time, later it will be removed to save google disk space :) What is AOD


ZanyAnts' fork of AODL, the .net library for creating/editing documents in the OpenDocument Format (ODF).