ANTLR Testing

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ANTLR Testing is a JUnit-extension for unit testing grammars produced by ANTLR.



Related Projects

Antlrphpruntime - A Php Runtime for Antlr

This is a port of the antlr runtime and the target template file to php. It will allow you to run grammars, built using antlr, on php. This is still in very early stages so expect lots of breakage. The easiest way to figure out what works is to look at the grammars in the test directory.

Jjlang - A tool, written in Java, for converting Java code into another Language

JJLangThis is an automated Java converter from Java Language to any other target. Code is self-explanatory if one is aware of ANTLRv3 related project and beyond. Code is based on many developers' work, especially of ANTLR community. Underling principle is to have Java grammar which is used for basic scanning and parsing, and after that to exploit Generator grammar (TreeWalker) together with respective StringTemplateGroup of a target language. StatusContribution to the project is welcomed. You ca

Xruby - Ruby to Java bytecode compiler

XRuby is the first Ruby to Java compiler which compiles Ruby source code (.rb) to Java bytecode (.class). The parser is implemented in ANTLR, and we use ASM to emit java bytecode. The current stable version is 0.3.3, released on Mar. 24, 2008. It is able to pass all tests in samples/test.rb and most unit tests in test/ruby/ - a decent test suite that comes with ruby installation. In most benchmark tests, XRuby runs faster than Ruby 1.8.5. Right now we are working hard to make more ruby libraries

Differentia-javaica - Finding differences between two Java source codes

The aim of this project is to compare two java source codes and check if they are equal. It is not a simple diff. It uses ANTLR to construct two Abstract Source Trees for java types and eventually compare these trees. As a consequence white spaces and comments will not affect comparison. Reordering of elements in source code will be treated as difference though. This kind of comparison is especially helpful when writing unit tests for java source code generators. When we have expected source cod

Phpparser - An antlr grammar for parsing php source files

The downloads directory might not up to date. It would make sense to pick up code from the mercurial repository. Note that the html sections are treated as statements called BodyString, the first one being 'Something<?', the last '<?Something' and the rest '?>Something<?'; Have a look at the test cases to see how it works. Missing freaturesHere are some items that are currently missing from the parser. ASP style tags Alternate format for complex statements Php 5.3 features are not supported Exam

Lang4j - Lightweight Toolkit to support the creation of external languages in Java

lang4j is a tool that makes it easy to add support for custom DSLs to your java programs. It supports the creation of a parser and a DOM-representation from a single, labeled BNF description. lang4j uses the venerable ANTLR tool to generate the actual parser. Apart from the parser a renderer, that takes DOM-instances and renders them to the language, a dot formatted class diagram of the DOM, and a template for unit testing is created. The best way of getting started is looking at the UserListTut

Pylates - python extension of StringTemplates

AboutProject is built on Java and jython mashup to extend StringTemplate library functionality (popular among ANTLR community) and bring to it the power of python language, which can turn out to be quite handy. The aim is to build a library that can support and successfully implement interfaces like StringTemplate and StringTemplateGroup as PyTemplate or PyTemplateGroup for further interaction with code in jython, and even reverse inter-operation with common string templates (i.e. accessing a ce

Ell - Embedded LL library. A light C++ library to embbed EBFN grammars in your code.

Ell is pure-header library to write EBNF grammars as C++ code. It eases the development of parsers or similar applications, while removing the need to write a lexer. Ell is not a tool to generate parsers (like ANTLR) : the grammar you write is directly embedded into your C++ code. The core library is light, headers-only and written using generation templates technique to achieve a fastest execution. The service provided by Ell is very similar to what Boost Spirit provides, but with a simpler obj

Strategy-testing-in-betfair - A scripting language is created to specify sport betting strategies. A

Online betting exchanges have provided a new model for sports gambling. Through the use of technology a customer can back or lay bets on multiple markets throughout the duration of the event. Historical data for in-play markets has recently become available. This project aims to develop a scripting language which can specify sport betting strategies. A flexible framework is provided to execute these strategies against historical price data.

Cssselectors - Provides the ability to select elements in an XML document using CSS selectors.

Important UpdateWe have moved the code hosting to GitHub. I'm tired of XPath. It's ugly and clunky and can be hard to remember all the right syntax. It's a lot of baggage to carry around when you're trying to write integration tests. CSS is a much simpler, easier to understand language for selecting elements from a document and using it in integration tests doesn't require a huge context switch from writing document queries for jQuery or Dojo or other javascript frameworks that use CSS selectors

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