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Antiquity is a wide-area storage system that provides a consistent, secure, and durable storage layer for a variety of applications such as file systems, databases, and back-up.



Related Projects

Antiquity-game - Computer Port of the Splotter Game Antiquity

A computerized version of the Splotter game Antiquity. Currently a Java port, with no AI or network support, so hot-seat only.

Antiquity-online - Online implementation of Splotter's Antiquity boardgame

We will try through this project to implement a web based version of Antiquity board game This aims to be a turn-based asynchronous version (what some people would call pbem). No need to stay all the game long connected to the interface. There are several reasons in making an online version of this game : The board game is rare and hard to find This is a rather long and demanding game, so having it online, in an asynchronous mode allows player to ta


wGui is a simple, platform independent dialog manager library using SDL and FreeType2. Written in C++ (with extensive use of the Standard Library and STL) the intention is to leave all of the antiquated C paradigms out of it (like #defines).

Mnerv - A Freeform, Collaborative Web Authoring Environment. A Common Space for Information, Media,

mnerv is a Python web application that provides an open 'Noun Space' for collaborative authoring of various, rich content types that may be interwoven. The concept of a 'Noun Space' is derived from the REST architectural style. Under REST, each segment (or noun) in a URL path should act as an identifier for a specific object. These segments are discoverable and otherwise traversable by humans and machines. For example, if a user types '/foo/bar/baz' into her location bar and no object is found,

V4p - Vectors for Pocket - a minimalistic 2D graphics rendition engine

IntroductionV4P - Vectors For Pocket - is a minimalistic software-only dependency-free scanline-rendering based 2D graphics engine. Its purpose is to render a 2D image out of a set of layered polygons. The basis of the algorithm is introduced by Wikipedia here: This algorithm has been merged with Bresenham and quicksort algorithms, plus bit-based layers management and poor-man integer only mathematics routines picked here and there. V4P is extra l


The Qt# project has been antiquated by the Qyoto project.

Haines - Assorted python machine learning stuff

This is basically a dumping ground for the code that I develop for my research. Unlike some researchers I am a firm believer that all source code must be published. Saying this I often omit the code that generated a papers results, simply because I don't have the bandwidth to distribute the data sets or the time to clean up what is often a horrific mess. Regardless, the actual algorithm is always available for people to run their own experiments with, and if you request testing code from me I'll

Tressettephp - Card game written in PHP

Tressette or Tresette is one of Italy's major national trick-taking card games, together with Scopa and Briscola. It is recorded only from the early 18th century, though greater antiquity is suggested by its trumplessness. The name of the game, literally "three Sevens" may refer to a scoring combination no longer recognized, or to the fact that it is played up to twenty-one. There are many variants depending on the region of Italy the game is played in.

Shoppinglist-ng - A shopping list application trying to replicate parts of HandyShopper / PalmOS by

This shopping list application aims to be a basic, suitable substitude for the famous and free (as in beer) HandyShopper application for the Palm Platform by Christopher Antos. I am not affiliated with Chris aside from being an addict to his great program. Why yet another shopping list app?I've started this project after a long search for apps that could make my switch from PalmOS to Android complete by giving me an adequate substitute for Handyshopper: I couldn't find any app (free, non-free (a