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Creates Installers using Ant by configuring an XML file (no java required): The installer collects user input, then run specific Ant targets from a build.xml file. Runs in a Swing GUI or on the command line.



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Brewery-ci - Demo project for Continuous Integration

All of the scripts for creating a comprehensive Continuous Integration system for Java. This augments the book I co-authored, "Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk". With these source files, you can create a full-featured CI system using CruiseControl, Ant and various testing, inspection and deployment tools such as Antinstaller, Cargo, CheckStyle, Cobertura, DbUnit, JavaNCSS, JDepend, JUnit, Selenium, Simian and Subversion . See the README.txt in the root of the

Project-2027 - 2027

LicensingLicensed under the GNU Lesser GPL. The following files are not a part of 2027 and/or are not released under the LGPL: Any files under the ant and utils directories. Any files under the /2027/Music directory. Any files under the /2027/Textures directory. Any files under the /2027/Sounds directory. /2027/System/GameMedia.u /2027/System/DeusEx.u /2027/System/DeusExUI.u /2027/System/MP5S.u /2027/System/otpUIfix.u /2027/System/VSDDX.u Any files under the /System directory, except for the fil


Tikal Knowledge version to the legacy AntInstaller with respect to the creators of AntInstaller that no longer maintains the tool even that it has a very large install base