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Antimony is a human-readable, human-writable model definition language. libAntimony is a library that will read and write Antimony and SBML files and provides an API for other programs to import Antimony models into their own internal formats.



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Copasi-simple-api - Simple API for COPASI

A Simple API for COPASI This code is a C interface to the Copasi C++ library. This library can be used to read and write Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) files and simulate them using deterministic or stochastic simulation. Additional analysis, such as computing eigenvalues and steady states, can also be performed. The models can also be constructed using C function calls such as cCreateSpecies(...) and cCreateReaction(...). Antimony scripts can also be used to load models. The structural


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antimony - drive firefox from node.js

drive firefox from node.js