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A daemon for detecting ARP spoofing (sometimes called quot;poisoningquot;) on a network amp; alerting appropriately.



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Este proyecto contiene diversas pruebas realizadas en el mundo .NET. sirve de apoyo al blog AntidotNet.

Antidoto - Architecture-two-dot-oh

Antidoto is a java technology mashup providing building blocks for modular architectures. Antiacute;doto is the portuguese word for antidote. An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning.

Jpkg-library - Java library and tools for operating system package creation.

DescriptionJpkg is both a library and a set of Apache Ant tasks for building operating system packages. FeaturesCurrently the Debian .deb format is supported. Detailed validation of package fields to be conformant with the Debian package specification for the package features supported by Jpkg. Not all Debian package features are supported, only those necessary to generate useful packages. Supports custom package maintainer scripts, backed by Velocity templates. Contains a library called Antidot

Reantidote - Half-life 2 modification

Resident evil: Antidote - Half-life 2 modification.

MMXX - Modules amp; Metaclasses ++

Antidote for C++'s Fragile Base Class problem (fully reviseable shared libraries/frameworks/plugin architectures) as well as Interface Repository/Object Adapter (queries on class properties, invoke methods programmatically from foreign code and gateways.)

Selenium-testng-evidence-web-test-framework - Combo of Selenium, TestNG and selenium-evidence framew

selenium-testng-evidence-web-test-framework The projects leverages the benefits obtained from the following 3 testing frameworks: - Selenium - TestNG - Evidence Selenium (A brief) - Suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms - Developed in Java Script - Can be used for most of the browser / platform combinations - Supports many languages, including Ruby, Python, Java and so on - Free & Open Source - Named after the antidote for Mercury poisoning (Mercury Interactive created

Batman-cpp-proj - nananannanannanananbatman

Alfred has been poisoned by the last boss of the game. Just when Bruce was thinking about retiring his Batman duties because he thought they weren't needed. He now suits up again to get the antidote the boss has.

Cl-rpg - Simple Command-Line RPG

Latest Update - New Items and Status Ailment System added!## Latest update is not currently implemented in latest release ##New Release Soon If you would like to help in any way or have any thing you would like to say or ask, then feel free to e-mail me at Latest NewsAfter fixing the item saving feature - which is high priority - I am going to rewrite the entire program and make it more streamlined. As I may have said, since I first started this project, my programming skills

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