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This project is concerned with the creation of a suite of ANT Tasks to facilitate the process of creating J2ME (Microedition Java) applications. Theses tools/tasks automate the laborous process of building J2ME Apps from source to distribution.



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Aws-ant-tasks - Ant tasks for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ant tasks for Amazon Web ServicesIt's a basic release, i started with it to fit my own needs. But im planning to make it more full featured. If there are any suggestions or you want to cooperate, let me know. I'm using maven to build the project. Supported tasksaws-s3-create: create a new bucket aws-s3-put: put files in a bucket aws-s3-delete-bucket: delete a complete bucket (doesn't work yet) aws-s3-delete-files: delete files in a bucket aws-cloudfront-create: create a new cloufront distributio

Apiviz - JavaDoc doclet for API visualization

What is APIviz?APIviz is a JavaDoc doclet which extends the Java standard doclet. It generates comprehensive UML-like class and package diagrams for quick understanding of the overall API structure. Samples Basic Usage Doclet Tags Prerequisites Ant Integration Maven 2 Integration Using in Eclipse Feed Back Changes SamplesThe Netty project - with APIviz 1.2.4.GA The Netty project - with APIviz 1.3.1.GA Please e-mail me if you got a URL to share here (don't forget to tell me the APIviz version you

Undercover - Undercover: A Code Coverage Analyzer

A code coverage tool for JVM based languages. Features: Bytecode based complexity and coverage analysis Show line coverage if the source is available Project Dashboard Apache MavenPlugin Apache AntTasks Emma compatible XML report generation. PlanData merging. Release 1.0 Better support for Scala Online analysis Line coverage. Branch coverage. NewsNOTICE: If you need something like this, please email to me (eungju at gmail dot com). 0.8.4 releasedUpdate Flot to 0.7 sbt-coverageStuart Roebuck wrot

Jslint4java - A Java wrapper around Douglas Crockford's jslint tool.

This is a java wrapper around the fabulous tool by Douglas Crockford, jslint. It provides a simple interface for detecting potential problems in JavaScript code. The usage is simple: % java -jar jslint4java-1.4.jar application.js jslint:application.js:11:9:Line breaking error ')'. jslint:application.js:11:10:Missing semicolon.There are a multitude of options; try --help for more details. You might also be interested in the ant task. This lets you run jslint as part of your builds. For documentat

Makedirdiff - Make Directory Difference Tool

Make Directory Difference (MakeDirDiff) toolРу��кий: Опи�ание проекта MakeDirDiff IntroductionMakeDirDiff is a simple command line tool for finding differences between two directories and storing all new/updates files in a new directory. MakeDirDiff compares two directories and creates the third directory with the first directory structure, but with new or updated files only. It can update the second directory content with the current content of the first directory. On the

Slf4fx - open source suite for integration flex 3 logging api with java logging frameworks

SLF4Fxis the opensource framework that allows to integrate Flex logging API on client side with many java logging frameworks on server side. The idea behind is simple. On client side we have LoggingTarget that sends all log records to slf4fx server written on java. The server utilizes Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) for routing all incoming records to supported java logging framework. The list of supported frameworks includes all well-known logging frameworks. They provide many ways for f

Svntask - svn ant task (super simple)

Dropping Subversion like a hot rockAt this point, I've moved to git. My reasons vary, but primarily subversion has just missed the boat in a lot of ways. All future releases of subversion will only be to add features that git already supports. I recently tried to update the svnkit libraries to support svn 1.7 and they now add two (or more, I stopped after the second failure) jar dependencies. Unless someone steps up and wants control of this project, I'm not going to do any more updates to it. S

Me2day-api - me2day api for various programming language API wrapper for various programming language. It provides API set to create a new post/comment and fetch other useful information. First release includes Java (1.5 or greater) and ActionScript 3.0. Let's try as the following java code! Post post = new Post();post.setBody("Hey, check this pics");post.setIconIndex(Post.ICON_THINK);post.setTags("me2photo blah");VirtualFile file = VirtualFile.create(new File("oops.png"));file.setProgressListener( new ProgressListener() { @Override

Ntorrent - nTorrent - A graphical user interface client to rtorrent.

Welcome to nTorrentnTorrent - A graphical user interface client to rtorrent (a cli torrent client) written in java. nTorrent can administer a rtorrent process over a network and allows several clients. nTorrent-0.5.1 nTorrent-0.5.1 is out! FeaturesConnect to several rtorrent processes on the local machine or/and on a network. Supports SSH, HTTP, and LOCAL connection methods. Copy, erase or open torrents directly from a ssh/local connection. (stub) Simple customizable graphical user interface. Ca

Bourre - Bourre is a trick based card game originating in Louisiana

Bourre or Boo-Ray is a trick based card game originating in Louisiana.It is similar in play to Spades and Euchre. Like many card games the rules vary from game to game.A typical Bourre game goes like this. An ante is placed into the pot by all players. The dealer deals 5 cards to each player. After dealing and before looking at his cards, the dealer is flips face up one of his cards to determine the trump suite that will be used by everyone during the game. At this point each of the players deci