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ANT4DOCBOOK is an ANT task for DOCBOOK, a semantic markup language for technical documentation.



Related Projects


JAsciiDoc is tool for convert ascii documets into HTML, DocBook, which supports by AsciiDoc. Implemented as Ant task and Maven plugin. Used AsciiDoc 8.3.6, Java 1.4 or above, Ant 1.7.0 or Maven 3.0.2.

Workingonit - Vladimir's sandbox

The following libraries should be usable as is and are distributed under the Apache 2.0 license: Cassandra4Spring: using Cassandra with Spring GwtBridge: invoking Spring beans from a GWT application These projects got some attention and to enable their inclusion into other software have been re-licensed under the LGPLv3 license: Depictus: Java library to generate charts, currently the Google-o-Meter one. The projects listed below are pet projects, distributed under the GPLv3 license (if anyone c

Mmade - MMADE is a Mathematica DocBook exporter.

This package helps ease the pain of exporting DocBook XML equations, figures, and tables from Mathematica. DocBook is a file format that can be transformed into PDF, HTML, and other formats. DocBook accepts many different formats for equations and figures. Among them are MathML, PNG, and PDF. Manually creating all these different versions of a figure or equation would be time consuming. Tables containing symbolic math considerably multiply the magnitude of the problem. This Mathematica package i