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The ant2dot project provides a means to visualize the targets in an ANT build script and their dependencies.



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Undercover - Undercover: A Code Coverage Analyzer

A code coverage tool for JVM based languages. Features: Bytecode based complexity and coverage analysis Show line coverage if the source is available Project Dashboard Apache MavenPlugin Apache AntTasks Emma compatible XML report generation. PlanData merging. Release 1.0 Better support for Scala Online analysis Line coverage. Branch coverage. NewsNOTICE: If you need something like this, please email to me (eungju at gmail dot com). 0.8.4 releasedUpdate Flot to 0.7 sbt-coverageStuart Roebuck wrot

Astuce - a JUnit clone for ECMAScript

ASTUce: ActionScript Test Unit compact edition ASTUce is a regression testing framework inspired by the xUnit architecture. This framework is intended for developers who wish to implement unit tests in ECMAScript (ECMA-262) and ActionScript 3. Features: work with any ECMA-262 compliant hosts work with any ES4/AS3 compliant hosts simple to install and to use same API everywhere code reflection easily localizable run your unit tests on the command-line (integrate with Ant, Maven, server-side, etc.

Gf-start-project - GlassFish Starting point project

Visiongf-start-project is J2EE base project for GlassFish 3.x. It should be stating point for new projects, planned to be a GlassFish J2EE projects. Mercurial is good enough source control system for cloning project into new place and for moving changes between repositories and branches. Starting point for technologies: Struts 2, JSF, Spring, J2EE, Hibernate, JAXB, WS, EJB, JSP, Servlet, Maven; It should be reviewed and tested regularly. Updated at regular view and test to newest development too

Unts - A large-scale emergence simulation for breve 2.7.2, based on simplified ant archetypes

unts was a term project for an Emergent Computing class taught by Dr. Christian Jacob in 2008. It was built using Python 2.3 and Breve 2.7.2. It is extensively documented and should be a suitable starting point for other students looking for project platforms or inspiration. unts is a relatively massive, highly flexible emergence framework and technical demonstration that simulates multiple ant-like colonies that search for food and water, reproduce, establish new hills, fight off menacing spide

Vulcan - Continuous Integration, Build & Release management software

IntroductionVulcan provides ContinuousIntegration and BuildAndRelease services in a web application which can easily by accessed and navigated by developers, project managers and stakeholders. Notification plugins publish reports on desired build outcomes over RssFeed and EmailNotification. Vulcan runs in a standard JEE Web Application Server, like Apache Tomcat or BEA WebLogic. Notes on latest release Users wishing to live on the edge can download the latest snapshot. Live DemoScreen shots are

Verman - chips & bits [Hector Morales Piloni programming demos]

Android Compass (Magnetometer) demo (March 2011) Simple compass demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator Android Accelerometer demo (March 2011) Simple accelerometer (3-axis graph) demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator XNA Stencil Shadows (June 2009) Hard Stencil Shadows using XNA 3.0 Requirements: XNA 3.0 DirectX 9+ XNA 3.0 Graphics Demo (June 2009) HLSL Shaders demo using the XNA

Aost - Tellurium Automated Testing Framework

Tellurium Automated Testing FrameworkTellurium Automated Testing FrameworkLooking for ContributorsLatest UpdateIntroductionTellurium SubprojectsHow to use Tellurium ?Tellurium Maven RepositoryVideos and PresentationsTellurium SupportAcknowledgmentsNews Looking for ContributorsWe are looking for a devoted and self-motivated developer with ambition and open source project management experience to be the joint project owner (but first start as a sub-project leader) We are looking for a dedicated Ja

Waterpy - Simulación de redes de distribución de agua

WaterpySimulación de Redes de Agua Las simulaciones en redes de distribución de agua son usadas para predecir respuestas de un sistema bajo una amplia gama de condiciones sin interrumpir el sistema real. Actualmente, se dispone de excelentes modelos matemáticos y de eficaces programas de computadoras para simular el trabajo de las redes de distribución de agua. Estas herramientas son ayudas importantes para el planeamiento y diseño de un sistema. Los modelos matemáticos que existen en la a

Iphone-ants - Ants crawl around on your screen. Do with them what you would w/ real ants.

Installer: Uninstalling Issue: A number of users have reported that uninstalling Ants from Installer does not work. Please take this issue up with the package maintainer (Ste). You can reach him through is website: or email ste<at>psmxy<dot>org. SDK Update: I got some time with an apple SDK engineer (rare opportunity). I was very excited about porting Ants to the SDK, and thought I'd use the opportunity to write version 2.0. Unfortunately, Apple has put a number of restric

Force-deploy-with-xml-report-task - Extends com.salesforce.ant.DeployTask to produce junitreport XML

Extends the com.salesforce.ant.DeployTask to accept an optional junitreportdir argument that defines the folder that a JUnitReport XML file is output into. This file can be consumed directly by the Hudson continuous integration tool to produce trend graphs and test result details or by the JUnitReport Ant task. So this extension makes the unit test results visible in a continuous integration environment. This code works with the Winter '11 ant-salesforce.jar but may not work