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A home for additional useful tasks and types for Ant (



Related Projects

Quokka - Reproducible, modular builds for ANT: Core

See for the project's website and more information. This site only hosts the source and issue tracker for the quokka core modules. If you have issues with quokka extensions, including plugins, archetypes, dependency sets and xml catalogues, please see the contrib project here.

Quokka-contrib - Reproducible, modular builds for ANT: Extensions & Contributions

See for the project's website and more information. This site only hosts the source and issue tracker for the quokka extension & contribution modules. This includes plugins, archetypes, dependency sets and xml catalogues. The quokka core is maintained in a separate project here.

Existdb-contrib - Repository for experimental eXist-db code

Kind of playground for code that might be integrated with the eXist database in the future. Not now yet. Let's call it potential eXist-db goodies... FeaturedThe exist-modules.jar of eXist-db 1.4 with all extensions enabled. eXist-db Custom Protocol Handler Classes to deal with xmldb:exist// style URL's. With these classes it is possible to download (get) and upload (put) documents from/to the eXist-db using standard Java classes ( Another Set of Custom Ant Tasks (ASOCAT) A set of a

Ant-intellij-tasks - Ant-based build system that leverages the IntelliJ IDEA project structure

Overviewant-intellij-tasks is a self-contained build system for IntelliJ IDEA projects based around Apache Ant. In essence, ant-intellij-tasks comprises three components: An Ant task library that can extract and resolve the IntelliJ IDEA project and module files (.ipr and .iml respectively), and provides a set of tasks and conditions around the project structure; A common build script which provides the four major build targets for modules: clean, build, test and package (see the quickstart guid

Jcrasher - An automatic robustness tester for Java

UsageThe most convenient way to use JCrasher is by running an Ant script like jcrasher.xml: ant -f jcrasher.xml It performs all steps completely automatically. ExampleThe Ant script performs the following steps. You can follow along with the example files included in the examples directory. Download the examples directory, open a command line in your copy of the examples directory, and run our Ant script: ant -f jcrasher.xml jcrasher.xml compiles the Java source files under test. It looks for a

Winant - Windows installer for Apache Ant

WinAnt is a Windows installer for Apache Ant. get itdownload the latest version, which now includes Ant 1.8.2 and Ant-contrib 1.0b3! aboutinstalling Ant on Windows systems is a pain. WinAnt does it for you. contributeif you'd like to help out, post on the discussion group at and i'll set you up with an account. donateif WinAnt has been helpful to you, feel free to buy me a beer (I'm gluten-free now) buy me a Kombucha :) donorsthanks to the following donors f

Ci-drupal - Drupal Continuous integration

Project provide build scripts, additional modules and sniffers for using continuous integration on drupal projects InstallationInstallation Currently supportsBuild script Importing DB dump Creating drupal settings.php file Creating virtual host for apache PlaningCode inspection support Unit testing support Selenium implementation RequiresDrupal 6.x ANT ANT-contrib MySQL Java connector СompatibleHudson Linux Tested onUbuntu 9.04 Hudson 1.352 ANT 1.7.1 ANT-contrib 1.0b3 MySql connector java 5.1.1

Fc-xmldiff - Fuego Core XML diff and patch tool

Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch ToolThe Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch tool is a fast and memory-efficient general-purpose tool for diffing and patching XML files. The underlying algorithms have been described in T. Lindholm, J. Kangasharju, and S. Tarkoma: Fast and Simple XML Tree Differencing by Sequence Alignment, Proceedings of ACM DocEng 2006. The source code for the tool is released under the permissive MIT license News June 26, 2009: Project reincarnated at a

Openprojext - This patch to OpenProj allows exporting gantt and network diagrams to png image

Note: this project is not intended to be a fork of original OpenProj project in no way - I would be glad, if the small piece of code added here would go to upstream (free or commercial version of OpenProj), so I will not have to support it anymore Note1: for export to SVG check this post by Eduardo Suarez-Santana Note2: Also see Angelfalls project by Takashi Okamoto which is already a real fork of OpenP