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It's a powerfull text editor for windows and linux. It's made in c++.



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Itsok - A simple validation java framework

It's Ok This is a framework to validate data. It uses anotations to marking the fieds to be validated. A call to the method validate(Object o) in the class ItsOk makes the validation. Working on...

Sio - Java Simple IO

A simple input/output API. Allows reading/writing objects, using anotations and a custom read/write method.

Abcg - Attributes Boilerplate Code Generator Eclipse Plug-in

An Eclipse plugin that generate getters, setters, listeners and decorator based on anotations. It is based on the principes: Generate code inside the original class Change the original class as few as possible Allow the programmer to change anything at will Keep things organized


The KineSis project allows controlling presentations using Microsoft Kinect. The user have the possibility of opening documents (Microsoft Office documents, images and plain text), and based on gestures, to control the presentation (move to next slide/page, scroll, zoom). Anot...

Open Source Clipboard Content Management Utility

A simple clipboard content archiving tool and class library. The MetaClip GUI application makes it easy for content users to permanently store, organize and restore clipboard contents in a portable file format that can be stored, restored, and moved from one Windows PC to anot...

Nuy4http - 便�HTTP�务器


Opentimer - Assists race judges in recording start/stop times and determining results ranking

Assists race judges in recording start/stop times and determining results ranking of participants. Allows entry of times and (optionally) participant numbers at the start, editing of those times to add numbers by the initial user or anoter, and entry of times and (optionally) participant numbers at the end. Produces a report of race results: participant ranking with individual times. Possible technologies: Java, Java ME, OSGI, RMI Target platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Palm OS


EEG-Holter - Designed for analysis of long-term EEG - Holter. Java developed, it supports medical and logbook anotations, epileptic events data, graphics and EDF files. UNIFESP 2009 - Aristides Tavares dos Santos, Prof. Dr. Carlos J R Campos.

Pybindgen - Python Bindings Generator

A tool to generate Python bindings for C/C++ code. It is itself written in Python (unlike almost any other tool out there), lending it the powerful ability of making it possible to extend or tweak the code generator without loss of mental sanity. It generates extension modules that are small and fast. PyBindGen is highly portable: The (optional) pygccxml-based scanner generates just Python code describing the API; PyBindGen as a module is just a bunch of .py files that can be shipped inside anot