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Ever wanted to create notes for pages on the web and be able to share them? This framework allows to create annotations to XML and HTML documents. Annotations are independent of presentation and can be traced back even if part of the document changed.



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Heyma-ee-console - HeyMa Core EE

HeyMa Core EE, Es una plataforma para iniciar aplicaciones con tecnología JAVA 6, está compuesto por el Springframework 3 e integrado con Hibernate compatible con JPA, para desarrollo guiado por Java Annotatios@, este nucleo está ensamblado para ejecutar pruebas de funcionalidad en la consola, testear el módelo y resolver lógica de negocio en bajo nivel. Esta aplicación es parte resumida del HeyMa WebApp EE.

annotx is an alternative implementation of Java Annotations with better functionality

Currently Java annotation lacks some major features that promote good programming practices and create maintainable Java programs. The first problem of Java annotation is that it must be embedded into the Java source codes. This "feature" mixes up the source code with the meta information of the program. It is not a good practice to write the ORM annotations into the Java POJO. ORM annotation is only needed for database actions and there is no natural relation between Java POJO and ORM annotatio

Gwt-ent - A Reflection, AOP, HTML template, UI Binding, Validate(JSR303) framework and JPA annotatio

GWT ENTA Reflection, HTML template, Data Binding, Validate, AOP framework for GWT. This project aims to make it easier to do what you want to do with GWT, now, the fllowing things have been contained in our project: ReflectionReflection for GWT, Support reflection of the following elements: annotation class field method constructor(constructor.newInstance()) meta data of class(Going to be deleted, please using annotation instead) UIBindingUI Binding, UIBinding framework from gwt-ent, Annotation

Sbmlharvester - Creates an OWL representation of SBML models using a combination of MIRIAM annotatio

OverviewUser GuideIncluded resourcesRepresented systems biology resourcesSoftware and ontologiesUpper level ontologySBML HarvesterQuickstartRequirementsRunning the HarvesterWeb interfacePublicationContact and support OverviewThe SBML Harvester creates a complex ontology-based representation of SBML models, utilizing both the structure of the SBML model and the models' MIRIAM annotations. This representation can then be used for the consistency verification of SBML models as well as complex queri