Adaptive Steganography with AES

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The software implements an adaptive steganography algorithm called Adaptive Minimum Error Least Significant Bit Replacement(AMELSBR) along with AES 128, 192 and 256 bit cipher for 24-bit bitmap files.



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Seguid-calculator - GUI front end to calculate the SEquence Globally Unique IDentifier

This is a small application to calculate the SEGUID ( checksum for a DNA sequence in RAW format. It is written in python with wxPython and depends on BioPython ( It is available in source code, a windows executable and a Jython/Swing version that will work on any platform with a Java runtime environment. Visit for more information.

Dgetter - Remote downloader for iPhone/iPod Touch

What? dGetter is a very simple server script based on php and iWebKit, designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. Why? Sometimes we'd like to download some files while we are using a mobile phone. dGetter provides a way to let a server download in background what you want. How? Let's say we want do download the new ubuntu ISO version. The url could be this one: We just copy that link and paste it in dGetter. The download process

Pcaspy - Portable Channel Access Server in Python

PCASpy provides not only the low level python binding to EPICS Portable Channel Access Server but also the necessary high level abstraction to ease the server tool programming. IntroductionPortable Channel Access Server (PCAS) library exists along with database channel access server (RSRV) in EPICS base. PCAS provides several C++ classes (server tool), making use of abstract callback methods, to let server application respond to channel access clients requests. Due to the intrinsic complexity of

Cspsol - Simple Cutting Stock Problem Solver Using GLPK API

Latest version 1.02 : Released on Tuesday, March 02, 2010. OverviewCutting Stock Problem (CSP) consists of finding the best way of cutting a set of large objects into smaller items. CSPs are encountered in a wide variety of industrial applications such as in steel, wood, glass and paper industries. Imagine a physical object (For example : a steel bar or a paper roll) of fixed width. There are number of such objects (all with same width) to be cut into smaller items. Also there are orders/demands

Piglenti - Piglenti, günlük işlerinizi kolaylaştıracak bir çok fonksiyona sahip, pidgine enteg

PiglentiNedir?Piglenti, python programlama dili ile yazılmış günlük işlerinizi kolaylaştırmanızı sağlayan pidgin ile entegre çalışan ufak bir linux uygulamasıdır. Piglenti geliştirilmeye çok yatkın bir uygulamadır. Karşınızdaki ile konuşurmuş gibi komutlar gönderip çıktılarını alabilirsiniz. Komutların çıktılarını yalnızca siz görürsünüz. Pidgin içerisindeki herhangi bir kişiye komutları yazabilirsiniz. Şu anda piglentinin ilk sürümü içerisinde 8

Party-licht-steuerung - Programm für Licht Ingenieure um Intensität, Farbe, Anlauf-, Abkling- und

Der Bediener stellt für verschiedene Lichtkanäle Intensität, Farbe und Überblendungszeit ein. Für eine Gruppe von Lichkanälen kann eine Darstellungszeit und Name eingestellt werden, die nacheinander in einer Queue ablaufen. Wird eine Queue abgespielt, wartet sie eine eingestellte Zeit, dann werden die Lichtkanäle über eine bestimmte Zeit hochgefahren, verbleiben eine festgelegte Zeit in der Einstellung, bis dann die nächste Gruppe von Lichtkanälen anläuft. Der Bediener kann eine Queue

Vonkarman - Unified CFD solver

GOAL: The primary goal of this open--source project is the development of a unified flow solver in a unstructured staggered mesh framework. The solver is second order accurate and capable of handling moving boundaries using a sharp interface immersed boundary approach. In its final stage it will be fully 3D and parallel and plans are on to incorporate DES and overset meshes. The solver operates on arbitrary polygonal meshes, making it an ideal candidate to work with adaptively refined meshes wit

Praisebasepresenter - Open-Source Worship Presentation Software

News: Version verfügbar (15. August 2010)Es wird beim Start geprüft dass nur eine Instanz der Anwendung läuft Es wird beim Start geprfüft on ein Update für das Program verfügbar ist Bibel- und Live-Texte haben nun auch Schatten/Kontur Ältere News Über PraiseBase PresenterPraiseBase-Presenter ist eine Software zur Unterstüzung von Worship-Anlässen und Anbetungszeiten in Kirchen und Gemeinden. Mit diesem Programm können auf einfache Art und Weise Liedtexte z.B. mit einen Beame

anl-dashboards - dashboard scripts for ANL clusters

dashboard scripts for ANL clusters

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