Anjuta DevStudio

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Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for software development on GNU/Linux. It features many advanced facilities such as project management, application wizards, interactive debugger, source browsing etc.



Related Projects

Anjuta Python bindings

These are Python bindings for Anjuta DevStudio version 2. This allows you to write Anjuta plugins in Python.

Trying-gtk - trying to study the gtk api

starting off by using anjuta and glade to generate gtk code.

Anjuta-js-support - add JavaScript support in Anjuta

I want to add JavaScript support in Anjuta. The main missing parts are autocompletion and auto-indentation. I want to implement them using an GObject-based JavaScript engine.

Anjuta-avr - Anjuta AVR Development environment

Anjuta AVR EnvironmentThis project is dedicated to transform Anjuta, the GNOME IDE, into a great AVR development environment. Integrating existing toolsCurrently there are quite some existing tools on Linux which can be used for AVR development, like AVR specific version of GCC (compiler), GDB (debugger) and some GDB servers like simavr, simulavr (two simulators) and AVaRICE (JTAG-GDB bridge). This project wants to integrate these tools into one integrated solution, comparable with AVR studio, t

RPM Builder for Anjuta

RPM Builder plugin for Anjuta (Gnome 2 version).

Language-support-python - Python support Plugin for Anjuta

It contains a working copy of my Python support Plugin for Anjuta. This is for my GSoC project. For a checkout of the plugin # Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP. svn checkout language-support-python-read-only IMPORTANT NOTE: To have the plugin working, please install rope refactoring library (0.9.x) separately.

Surenscode - All of suren's Code since 2008

This is the code of suren<> . Please mail me to get write access ! Use the code at your ease ! regards ~suren

Tag Manager

TagManager is a library and a set of programs which aims to provide IDEs like Anjuta and gIDE features like symbol browsing, calltips, code completion, etc. It is based on exuberent ctags.

Cexamples - The C Programing Language Book - Exercices

The C Programing Language Book exercices one by one, developed with the Anjuta IDE (I'm new with Anjuta).

Anjuta-gvim - Anjuta GVim Editor Plugin

This plugin shall embed GVim into Anjuta as an alternate editor. The project was started as part of Google Summer of Code 2008. Project Development has been shitfted to GitHub at: