http - Angular 2.0 HTTP Module

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Angular 2.0 HTTP Module



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Reactive, responsive, beautiful charts for AngularJS using Chart.js:

Simpull - A 2D Java Physics Engine focused on simplicity, speed of execution and small footprint.

The name is a play on words - SIMulation (of the physical world) PULL (a physical action, described through physics). It also speaks to a primary goal of the engine - simple to use. A simple interface Verlet integration of particles (fixed & non-fixed) in system Joint/Constraints between particles in system (spring/angle) Rectangle (w/ rotation) and Circle (w/ angular velocity) shaped particles Composites (to create custom physics objects) Collision detection & response (simulated physics respon

bindonce - Zero watches binding for AngularJs

* download, clone or fork it or install it using [bower]( `bower install angular-bindonce`* Include the `bindonce.js` script provided by this component into your app.* Add `'pasvaz.bindonce'` as a module dependency to your app: `angular.module('app', ['pasvaz.bindonce'])`

Js-itm - A javascript library to convert between Israel Transverse Mercator and GPS (wgs84)

The Israeli Transverse Mercator (ITM) is the common coordinate system used in Israel by hikers and scientists. The conversion between ITM and the World Geodic System angular coordinates (used by GPS) is not trivial and requires some advanced math. JS-ITM is a simple Javascript library to convert between those two coordinate systems. Please note that the conversion is NOT accurate and may include ~10m errors (So don't design your skyscrapers, particle accelerators etc. using this library.) Quick

ng-cordova - AngularJS Cordova wrappers for common Cordova plugins.

[<img src="" alt="ngCordova Logo" width="210px" height="210px" />]( gives you simple AngularJS wrappers for a massive amount of Cordova plugins. Check out the list below for all of the available plugins, and create an issue for a new request.Created by the [Ionic Framework]( team and the community.| RESOURCE | LINK ||------------|---------|| **Website** | [](http://ngcor

Angularbugtracker - &lt;angular/&gt; bug tracker

This project is inspired by Eventum ( It uses angular ( for all operations. The project the 960 and Blueprint CSS frameworks as well as icons from phpmyadmin.

Flash Dynamics Engine

Note: New versions are not being posted to source forge. Please check the project homepage at: A free library for simulating 2D physics in Flash using Verlet integration. It currently features particles, stick amp; angular constra

Flan - Fermi Level ANalyzer

Angular photoemission cuts from precalculated 3D Fermi surfaces. DescriptionFlan calculates spherical cuts of 3D Fermi surfaces available from MotivationIdentyfing bulk states Linking electronic structure calculations with ARUPS experiments Print screen of FLAN:

Brianin3d-weeds - flowers in the rain demo using vertlet physics and 2d line tests

This project started as an idea to model floors as segmented objects using vertlet-based physics interacting with a number of drops of rain. The result is unfortunately unconvincing, but is mildly amusing. It also provides a reasonable implementation of a 2d line segment intersection test which may be generally useful if not particularly optimized. Read more about it here. Exciting! Added an angular constraint and demo'd it in Angularian. check it out


Software suite for digital time differential perturbed gamma-gamma angular correlation (PAC) spectrometers as described here: