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AngelScript is an extremely flexible cross-platform scripting library designed to allow applications to extend their functionality through external scripts. It has been designed from the beginning to be an easy to use component.



Related Projects

Citadel-td - Tower Defense Game

Neat Tower Defense game that will utilize path based levels, and open levels were you build the path with towers. Will be Networked as well to allow 4 players in a game Utilizes AngelScript as its scripting engine.

Ogrepository - Repository of Ogre snippets

Small, but growing collection of various Ogre related code snippets.

Angelbinder - AngelScript's engine addon with a really easy-to-use binder.

This project aims the easy binding between C++ and AngelScript engine, using the power of C++ templates. The binder syntax is much like luabind one.

Moji - Characters for your desktop.

Moji is an application written in C++ with Qt that allows you to create characters for your desktop. It is similar to the (in)famous shimeji program, but unlike shimeji, moji allows you to script and modify the behaviours of your character however you like with its built-in scripted state-machine. There is no limit to what your character can do. I am not going to be doing anything new with this for some time, so I am uploading the code in the hopes that someone will pick it up and implement the

Ainur - Game engine with atmospheric effects, terrains and open spaces

Ainur EngineAinur is a C++ multi-platform (Windows / Linux / MacOS X) real-time 3D engine, which unleashes the power for creating interactive virtual worlds. It delivers: Fast real-time cutting edge 3D graphics Powerful physics simulation Sound subsystem Overlays for basic 2D functionality Support for separate GUI systems like libRocket Object oriented scripting language Authoring environment and a set of flexible tools If you are curious the name comes from the J.R.R. Tolkien world: http://en.w

Urho3d - Cross-platform rendering and game engine

Urho3D is a lightweight, cross-platform rendering and game engine implemented in C++ and released under the MIT license. Greatly inspired by OGRE ( and Horde3D ( Engine & example code by Lasse Öörni ( Features: - Direct3D9 or OpenGL rendering (Shader Model 2 or OpenGL 2.0 required as minimum) - HLSL or GLSL shaders + offline generation of shader permutations - Forward, light pre-pass and deferred rendering modes - Component based s

Ephedra - A library wrapping Angelscript.

A library wrapping Angelscript.