Announcement Filter

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Announcement Filter application based on .NET technology



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Flash WebCam Viewer

A free WebCam image refresh/viewer program made in Flash ActionScript. A quick alternative and replacement to the now obsolete: AnfyCam, NetworkCam16, JavaCam, and other applet-based viewers that stopped working because of a JavaRE update in mid-2007.

Creditanalyst - Hermes

Título do Projeto: Hermes – Sistema de Análise de Crédito Tecnologia Aplicada: ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems), tecnologia híbrida que combina a capacidade de aprendizagem das redes neurais com a facilidade de interpretação de sistemas fuzzy. A concessão de crédito é uma decisão sob condições de incerteza. Em empréstimos, quer o crédito seja solicitado ou quer seja oferecido pelo credor, sempre existe a possibilidade de perda. Se o credor puder estimar a probabilid

ANFISGA - ANFIS learned with Genetic Algorithm.

ANFIS learned with Genetic Algorithm.


Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) is a kind of neural network that is based on TSK fuzzy inference system. Since it integrates both neural networks and fuzzy logic principles, it has potential to capture the benefits of both in a single framework. Its inference system corresponds to a set of fuzzy IF–THEN rules that have learning capability to approximate nonlinear functions. Hence, ANFIS is considered to be universal approximator.