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ANet is a peer-to-peer networking protocol that implements an anonymous distributed network. With a common framework, it allows to do things similar to Gnutella, Freenet, quot;chat roomsquot;, file transfer protocols, newsgroups, and so on.



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Integrated packet generator and sniffer for Ethernet, but also works with blocks of data over TCP connection. Enables you to use scripts for automated testing, monitoring, imitating of various network objects, creating custom network tools.

Cgi5anet - cgi for 5anet

cgi for 5anet for my web site

5anet - my web site

my web site use java use struts.

Oplm - Sparta - Open Source Product Life Cycle Management

Open source product life cycle management Download the zip package and use the instructions found in README The source code is located on github. If you are interested in contributing clone from github Join the google group for discussions questions.


SMTPOP is a class Library in C# to handle SMTP and POP3 protocols. With SMTPOP class library you can read and send e-mail from your .Net;BRgt; DotnetControlext is a.Net Visual studio component to extend .Net Menu features (menu with icons, free s

Authnet-report - php reporting class for has a lacking set of reporting for processed credit card charges. Further, charges are not linked to batches. This project makes accounting for your charges easily. FeaturesSeparates batches into Visa/MC/Discover and Amex. This is how they post to your checkbook, so that's how we list them. This way the numbers line up nicely. Groups each week's numbers and lets you know how much your credit card sales are. We use this internally to keep an eye on sales progress, so I

LuaAnet - Lua bindings to anet library

Lua bindings to anet library

anet-shortcoder - Shortcode parsing made simple.

Shortcode parsing made simple.

anet - payment gateway sample app using

payment gateway sample app using