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AndroMDA is a code generation framework that follows the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm. It takes a UML model from a CASE-tool and generates classes and deployable components (J2EE or other) specific for your application architecture.



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Versatilde;o em Java do Gnuteca. Desenvolvido como ambiente de demonstraccedil;atilde;o e aprendizado do AndroMDA.

Flight-ws - Flight availability and booking webservice

It's a project built with AndroMDA that represents a flight availability and booking webservice.

Qayonlinestore - A simple, completely GWT based Onlinestore

info QAYOnlineStore is a simple onlinestore which is developed using the most recent technology. Store features Available products sortable in categories and subcategories Support for individual discount for every product Support for gift cards Forms for handling returnd items Different roles for administration Used Technology Completely GWT based GUI Persistence layer with Hibernate The persistence layer and the stubs for the logic are generated via AndroMDA

Hr-module-spike - HR-Module for non-existent ERP system

Quick draft. Approx 20-25 man-days of core functionality development.


UML2EJB was a code generator - it took a Unified Modeling Language (UML) model and generated Enterprise JavaBeans classes. This project has been discontinued and replaced by the new AndroMDA project (see

Doctor-jim - Java import beautifier

Doctor-Jim is an java import beautifier like hybridlabs-beautifier but much better. Doctor JIM implementation is based on java-parser, which is generated by javacc from an Java 1.5 grammar. At runtime Doctor-JIM has only dependencies to commons-io, commons-logging and commons-lang libraries. Doctor JIM was created for integration into the Andromda project, but can also be used standalone. You can find Maven repository hosted by Sonatype containing doctor-jim files under:

Djandromda - Transformación de UML a Django

Cartucho diseñado para trabajar con los modelos diseñados en AndroMDA y convertirlos en código funcional de Django. El cartucho se encarga de crear a partir del diagrama los modelos y el código base del admin: con todas las clases necesarias y sus relaciones correspondientes (one-to-one, many-to-one, many-to-many) y constraints (unique, length, etc). creado para registrar los modelos creados y permitir trabajar con ellos directamente con el django admin. A continuación

Ouvidoria - Sistema de Ouvidoria

Sistema de Ouvidoria desenvolvido com androMDA 3.1 com o codigo gerado em java. No Brasil, o termo "ouvidor" é conhecido desde o Período Colonial, sendo que se referia ao cargo de um juiz colocado pelo donatário. Modernamente, Ouvidor é um profissional contratado por um órgão, instituição ou empresa que tem a função de receber críticas, sugestões, reclamações e deve agir em defesa imparcial da comunidade. Em termos práticos, o significado de ouvidor é o mesmo que ombudsman, que Ã

jaCG ( j;-)et another Code Generator )

JaCG is a code generation framework like OAW or AndroMDA. It is supposed to be very simple and easy to understand. It has just on language (java) to implement meta models, transformations and templates. This makes support from your IDE very easy.