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Femio-theme - Themes I created for G1/Mytouch

These are themes I started making on 11/04/09 for the g1/mytouch based of CM

Android-metamorph - Android Themes and more

MetaMorph is an application for Rooted android phones that allows end users to apply customizable zip files with specific directories inside that can be applied to various apks, jars, or any other zip type format. Specifically the goal of metamorph was to allow end users to apply custom themes to their android phones without having to boot into recovery mode and flashing a custom update. The goal of metamorph has since evolved some since its original creation and we now see metamorph being a way

Gchrome-plus-advanced-launcher - Android gChrome theme with Advanced Launcher added & skinned

Current Version (featured): gChrome-LS (lockscreen frame from, 4.1.11(.1), w./ Loccy's BetterBrowser 1.43 + Advanced Launcher 2.01 - put together by pershoot over at xda I'm a fan of moonsspoon's gChrome theme for Android. I'm also a fan of irrenhaus's Advanced Launcher. Unfortunately, the Advanced Launcher is skinned to the Android default. This project is an attempt to skin the Advanced Launcher to match the gChrome theme, packaged into the gChrome


A bunch of themes for android that I make or modify for use of android. All styles are GNU GPL licensed (Unless specified)