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We've put Google's Android (gPhone) on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. The code changes are from NthCode, a Linux consultancy in China, but please feel free to download, improve, and contribute back to the community.



Related Projects

Nitdroid - Android port to Nokia Internet Tablets

NITdroid is a kernel and userspace port from scratch of the Android operating system (by Google and the Open Handset Alliance) to the NITs hardware. It is a software alternative to the Maemo platform that ships with the Internet Tablets. This project is an ongoing effort to make Android usable/useful on NIT devices (N770, N800, N810, N810WE).

Virtualization4n810 - Virtualization for Nokia N810

This project is part of the UBC EECE 496 project course offered Spring 2009. Supervisor: Dr. Sathish Gopalakrishnan Student: Alvin Jiang Virtualization for Mobile Devices – Dalvik Virtual Machine Context Switch Time Virtualization allows an operating system to run on non-native hardware platforms. Nowadays, mobile devices are built with more resources and are becoming more powerful in terms of computing power. The increased capability and performance of mobile devices mean that more can be don