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Anastasia is a SGML/XML publication tool which allows the processing and searching of large documents using tcl scripting.



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Wordpuzzle - WordPuzzle Java Project (PML30 Java Course)

WordPuzzleJava Project is a game that let you stack parts of the word to the whole word. By: Ginzburg Dmitriy, 11-2 Miller Anastasia, 11-5 Evstafiev Egor, 11-5 Balashov Alexander, 10-1 Kuznetsov Ilya, 11-1

Regitar - The combined forces of Register & Tarasiuk

During the course of this class, we will be putting our awesome skills together to create awesome php. Early in the 19th century, the Register clan of Bolivia began their migration to the lower plains of Chile, in search of greener pastures. When the patriarch, Pancho Register, arrived in Chile, he found work as a dock hand in Santiago. Working alongside other seamen, he received wind of a gold rush in on the Pacific side of North America, in a new state called California. Pancho quickly packed


Rapid Website Framework I built and used from 2000-2005


Puppet manifests for setting up a server I use for and other things.