Analog Clock

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This is project contains analog clock made in win forms.



Related Projects

xonclock - X analog clock

xonclock is very simple X on-screen analog clock displayer

Jsclock - A JavaScript analog clock

This is a JavaScript analog clock that uses the <canvas> html tag for the graphics.

Avionics-chronometer - Aircraft Dashboard Clock Mimic Gadget

Clock Gadget, looks like a Clock in Cockpit Dashboard. It is a Mimic of A Flight Chronometer Instrument. It shows Time and Date close to Military Time-Date format. It also has week number and weekday display. This Project includes an Analog Bargraph Clock Gadget on the same code. Analog Clock, Linear Display of Time Elapsed using Bargraph, Shows Week Days and Month Days Passed. The WD indicates Complete Week Days passed and MD is Month Days Completed. This is not the date, date is MD+1. This is

Bg-js - Empty web page with features

A web "screensaver" for whenever you need a blank display. Includes digital and analog clocks, and saves settings with HTML5 local storage. No server-side scripting required! Additional HTML5 features are planned.

netduino Helpers

The 'netduino Helpers' is a C# driver set for common hardware components and features convenient wrappers around complex .Net Micro Framework features such as: Analog joysticks, Real-time clock, 8*8 LED matrix, Shift register, runtime assembly & resource loader, bitmaps, etc.


Screensaver module for Mac OS X Leopard that displays an analog clock.

Wcontrols - Customizable gauges, digital displays, and other controls for .NET 4.0 WinForms (C#)

WControls is a library of .NET 4.0 WinForms controls written in C#. Each control can be edited in the Visual Studio designer just like native .NET controls. The controls' properties give you full control over their appearance and behavior. CircularGaugeSpeedometer, pressure gauge, analog clock, etc DigitalClockUseful for displaying times or other numerical values


JChessClock is a operating system independent chess clock with analog and digital time display.

Yii-analogue-clock-widget - A flash-llike analogue clock widget for yii application

How to make a skeleton application having a clock widgetGet the files under the trunk of the google code repository using svn. $ svn checkout <yii-analogue-clock-widget>Create a skeleton application using yiic. $ cd <yii-demo-directory>$ ../framework/yiic webapp <app-name>Copy image files and php files to the skeleton application. $ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/analogue-clock-*.png <app-name>/images/$ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/Clo