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Anagrams is an interactive multi-player web game in which players steal words by rearranging letters.



Related Projects

Outmoded Bonsai

quot;He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate itquot; - Martin Luther King, Jr. A mono-based framework for loading Illumina BeadStudio/GenomeStudio modules on non-windows systems. This effort is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Illumina. The project name is an anagram for quot;Mono BeadStudioquot;.

Anagramer - A little fun tool to generate anagrams

Anagramer is a little tool used to generate anagrams.

Edilana - Interactive italian anagram generator

EdilAna - Interactive italian anagram generator A command line tool that helps you making anagrams

Anagrammit - Simple Anagram Generator

A python-based anagram generator based on a simple recursive function.

Anagramwa - A small simple Anagram solver

Anagramwa finds all anagrams of a jumbled letter sequence from a dictionary.

Microgram - anagram solver android app

Solves anagram so you can beat scrabble, countdown etc.


Kanagram is software for finding anagrams (example: William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller). It uses the word lists of the aspell package. So far we have a Perl script to make anagrams, but the target is to make an interactive program for KDE.

Dotnetperls-controls - Collection of reusable C# components for .NET 3.5

This is a companion source code project to my website Dot Net Perls, which is dedicated to sharing code and knowledge primarily about .NET. The code files here includes algorithms, objects, programs, and functions for C#. Some examples are Memory Watcher (as featured in the Firefox 3 article) An easy and fast anagram class for C# A directed acyclic word graph in C# Single-instance Windows app class in C# .NET NGEN.exe C# class to optimize startup times Useful C# segment code for CSV files Comman

Jumble Helper

Jumble Helper is a graphical aid for anagram games like Jumble and Scrabble, taking in a group of letters, allowing the user to form the anagram [phrase] on his/her own (no dict), watching the source letters move in real time between lt;remaininggt; amp; lt;usedgt;.