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Amy2 is a game playing program written in Java, playing both reversi and chess. It features high playing strength, an opening database and endgame tablebases.



Related Projects

pyst: Python for Asterisk

Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and libraries to allow programming of Asterisk from python. The library currently supports AGI, AMI, and the parsing of Asterisk configuration files. The library also includes debugging facilities for AGI. 2013-05-29: Maintainers of github fork quot;pyst2quot; contacted to join forces. Note that the last release here fixes the same bug as on github, otherwise github version seems to only contain cosmetic changes and examples. 2012-07-06: An offer to mai

Elasticwulf - ElasticWulf: Beowulf cluster run on Amazon EC2

The ElasticWulf project consists of Python command line tools to launch and configure a beowulf cluster on Amazon EC2. We also include AMI build scripts for master and worker nodes based on x64 Fedora Core 6 instances. The final machine images are publicly available on Amazon: IMAGE ami-e813f681 datawrangling-images/FC6×64-ec2wulf-master.manifest.xml IMAGE ami-eb13f682 datawrangling-images/FC6×64-ec2wulf-worker.manifest.xml The Python cluster management code should be uploaded the Monday after

Cloudloader - Cloud Loader by Model Metrics (Salesforce integration on Amazon EC2)

Cloud Loader is a scripted version of the Apex Data Loader that is pre-packaged in a public Amazon EC2 AMI (Amazon Machine Image). This will allow you to integrate data into or out of Salesforce completely in the Cloud without having to find a server to host the integration. This AMI includes email notifications and can be up and running within minutes if your integration data can be made available on an FTP server that is visible to EC2.

Redakcja - Portal pozwalający zarządzać redakcją

Celem projektu jest stworzenie Portalu do :Zarządzania redakcja. Pilnowanie klientów Zmówienia Zarządzanie artykułami Składanie numeru itd

Ast-api - Asterisk AMI manager connection API

DescriptionThis is an API developed in C, used to control and communicate with Asterisk IPPBX system over its AMI manager. useful for embedded system, I hope :) Supported Systemunix systems are supported only Asterisk SIP Users interfaceYou can create,Read and delete Users in Asterisk remotely Asterisk SIP Trunk interfaceYou can create,Read and delete Trunk in Asterisk remotely Asterisk SIP Register interfaceGet Register of Asterisk giving you more control over Asterisk trunks Speed and MemoryGr

Ec2-on-rails - Ruby on Rails EC2 appliance

EC2 on RailsMoved to RubyForgeBecause I'm now producing a rubygem with Capistrano tasks (and for other reasons) this project has moved to rubyforge:

Pystrix - A flexible Python-based library for managing Asterisk servers

pystrix is an attempt at creating a versatile Asterisk-interface package for AMI and (Fast)AGI needs. It is published as an open-source library under the LGPLv3 by Ivrnet, inc., welcoming contributions from all users. Overviewpystrix runs on Python 2.6+ (intended to be compatible with Python 3.x with the 2to3 script), on any platform. It's targeted at Asterisk 1.10 and provides a rich, easy-to-extend set of bindings for AGI, FastAGI, and AMI. HistoryAfter some research, we found that what was av

EC2 Console

Allows you to manage and access your AMI images and currently running instances for Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service.

Elasticweb - Expandable, Reliable Web-tier Management for Amazon EC2

This project will use's Bulk DNS service for round robin load balancing. It will automate reporting of servers being added or removed from your domain. It will provide monitoring of your servers by other servers in the web tier to avoid an additional, external monitoring server. The goal is to make a robust, easy to configure, reliable web tier based on a AMI template that we'll provide. Other projects used will be;


A tool for creating EBS AMIs. This tool currently works for CentOS/RedHat Linux images and is intended to run on an EC2 instance.