aMule AdunanzA

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aMule AdunanzA e' un progetto volto a rendere accessibile la rete Kademlia anche all'utenza Fastweb, grazie alla patch AdunanzA. Questo in specifico per utenti Linux e Mac OS X Per riferimenti alla community italiana



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Amule-control - Some scripts to control amule, amuled, amuleweb and amulegui.

The download section contains two script, named preview and amule-control. PREVIEW 'preview' is a small python script that allows to check if the preview of a partial file of amule is available. This could be useful using amuled. preview somethingwhere something is any word, displays the status of downloading file and create a symbolic link of the partial file that allows a preview in a directory (chosen by user). The availability of a preview is checked out using the 'file' command. AMULE-CONTR