aMule - all-platform eMule P2P Client

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aMule stands for all-platform eMule file-sharing program. It is affiliated with the eMule project and was forked from xMule on 08/2003. It connects to the eDonkey2000 network, supports Linux, Mac, Solaris, *BSD platforms, and nearly every processor arch.



Related Projects

aMule AdunanzA

aMule AdunanzA e' un progetto volto a rendere accessibile la rete Kademlia anche all'utenza Fastweb, grazie alla patch AdunanzA. Questo in specifico per utenti Linux e Mac OS X Per riferimenti alla community italiana

Amule-emc - emulecollection support for aMule

Please mail me files which do not work. I'll extend aMule (and amule-emc) to support them, too. ''amule-emc'' is a multi-platform emulecollection parser written in C++. The code is shared with aMule and now kept in sync. Related projects: WOA: emulecollection files on osx Kollection: A KDE service menu to open emulecollection files with support for aMule and mldonkey. Allows selection of files. amuleKollection for KDE4: A KDE4 port of Kollection

Amule-control - Some scripts to control amule, amuled, amuleweb and amulegui.

The download section contains two script, named preview and amule-control. PREVIEW 'preview' is a small python script that allows to check if the preview of a partial file of amule is available. This could be useful using amuled. preview somethingwhere something is any word, displays the status of downloading file and create a symbolic link of the partial file that allows a preview in a directory (chosen by user). The availability of a preview is checked out using the 'file' command. AMULE-CONTR

Amule-ec-php - aMule ExternalConnection implemented in PHP

aMule ExternalConnection implemented in PHP. I am porting aMule's EC code to PHP. With this project we'll be able to manage aMule with PHP scripts, or better, with a web interface (aMule's web server is not full-PHP). Maybe some day I'll release the 1.0 version... who knows :)

Pyamulecmd - Python implementation for aMule's EC format with a reference interface

This project aims to create a Python implementation of the External connection (EC) format used for the communication with the aMule core. An amulecmd like command like client will be a hopefully useful byproduct. ;-)

Amule-remote - iPhone implementation of aMuleCMD

The project is based on a client and a server. The server-socket is written in Python and sends/reads xml data, depending on the data recived it answers and parses it to amulecmd. The client is written in Objective-c and is for iPhone, it establishes a connection with the server-socket and displays results in a tableview With amule-remote you can search, download, cancel and check remaining downloads using a few taps.

Amule-gvt-mega-flex - Configurador de velocidade para o Amule funcionar conforme velocidade da conex

Trata-se de um shell script que configura a velocidade do Amule conforme a velocidade disponibilizada pelo provedor GVT, para assinantes do plano Mega Flex (1 mega durante o dia nos dias úteis e 3 megas durante a noite e fins de semana).

P2p-xmpp-client - A client for p2p daemons via XMPP

Project DescriptionDrive your amule or torrent daemon via google talk. You can add new downloads, show download or upload queues, show status, resume, search, and all you think. Also, have notification via google talk when downloads complete!

Amuledownloadmanager - Shell script (php) for manage and sort downloaded files from aMule

This scripts manage the downloaded files (or process a directory) and sorts its content into a directory structure (move all video files to video directory, mp3 to audio directory, docs to docs directory, etc.) Also, strips all "spam" from files.